%NUMBER%% of people approve of you.16
Yes, what is it?15
Thank you for finding my sword for me. Did you find everyone's belongings?6
You're more than welcome to it, for getting our belongings back.6
You mean you haven't heard?3
Only a few days ago, we had Miscellanian soldiers come round and ask for tribute.3
I told them to get lost, of course...3
...but when I woke up the next morning, they'd stolen my sword!3
Could you get it back for me? I doubt it can cut anything, but it once belonged to my great-grandfather.3
So it's a family heirloom, you see.3
Thank you.2
Kingdom? Etceteria is ruled by a Queen and we don't approve of you.2
Could be better.1
*sigh* Times are tough.1
Though they're getting better.1