Have you returned the sacred relic to the ogres? Will they forgive me and lift the curse?363
Are you telling me the ogres cursed us all because I stole their chief's tooth-pick?359
Oh. That's a relief, I guess. Um... thank you for your help. But I do wonder where the curse really came from.357
I think so. That navigator, Ithoi, always warned us that this kind of thing could happen.356
I'm afraid it may be all my fault.352
Captain Tock had me exploring some caves, west of the cove. I'm a thief, see, like my brother Francois, and the Captain thought I could sneak past the monsters without being noticed.348
Yes. I quickly grabbed some loot, so I wouldn't have to face the Captain empty-handed, and fled up the ladder before the ogres could kill me!348
Do you know how we all got cursed?329
That's a secret.281
I suppose Ithoi's trying to be extra helpful at the moment. Don't tell anyone, but Ithoi might not be in our crew much longer.276
Maybe you could get the relic back from the Captain, and return it to the ogres? And tell them I'm very sorry. Then perhaps they'll lift the curse.255
I'd hoped I could use my amazing Thieving skills to avoid them seeing me, but I was out of luck. By the time I'd finished clambering down the ladder, they'd spotted me.249
Well, I climbed down the vines, and found a big cave filled with terrifying ogres!248
But a couple of days later we all fell ill. I think what I stole must have been some kind of sacred relic, and the shamans in the cave have cursed us for stealing it.243
My brother, Francois, says the Captain will make him second-in-command if he completes his mission. That's Ithoi's rank, but we don't need a navigator now we've settled here, and he can't do much else.237
I think so. That navigator, Ithoi, always warned us that this kind of thing could happen, but I didn't think it could possibly be real. But now this has happened, and I think it's my fault.150
You should maybe see what Ithoi thinks. He's been cursed too, so I guess he'll be in his hut, off to the south-west, near the shore.120
Have you got that relic back from Captain Tock? Maybe if you return it to the ogres, they'll lift the curse.39
Thanks for proving I didn't bring the curse on us by stealing from the ogres. But I do wonder where the curse really came from, now we know it wasn't my fault.24
Oh dear.23
A sympathetic soul you are. I'm in real pain here.15
For me, Colin and Gnocci, that's right. Ithoi wasn't there - the Captain had taken him for a parlay. But Ithoi felt sick straight after they returned, even though he'd not eaten.14
You can't take him seriously in that state of health.14
He's had a lot to worry about, with losing his place on the crew, and now he's sick from the curse too. He must have gone mad and started babbling.13
Thanks again for clearing up that 'curse'. Ever since you proved it wasn't supernatural, I've been feeling a lot better.13
What's happening now?10
Please take it back to the ogres for me, and tell them I'm sorry.9
It must be something even worse than angry ogre shamans! Ithoi's told us of so many horrific things that can bring a curse on a crew.8
Give him what he deserves!7
I really didn't think he was like that. Still, if there isn't really a curse, I suppose we'll just get better from whatever he did to us. I don't feel so bad now.3