Stop what you're doing or taste my wrath!1,361
You are bringing doom down on yourself!1,304
Do not touch what is not yours!1,279
I would not do that again if I were you!1,275
You did not heed my messages to stay away! You have brought doom down on to yourself!1,058
You are in my domain now! Begone lest you wish to be destroyed!960
There are many aspects to my being and there are many skills I possess.940
Behold, as my avatar descends to your level to extinguish the flame of your puny existence!793
You, I can see, are a skilled warrior. Yet your might is no match for my magic!722
You are no match for me!341
And while your power is great, mortal, I will still resist you!276
You bring great power with you, but I will not be defeated that easily!146
Your magic abilities are impressive, but my powers of archery will foil them!72
You are an able ranger, yet that is useless against my might!65
I am invincible! You stand no chance against me!34