%NUMBER%% of people approve of you.37
What is it?21
Thank you for finding my tools for me. Did you find everyone's belongings?11
You're more than welcome to it, for getting our belongings back.10
Kingdom? Etceteria is ruled by a Queen and we don't approve of you.7
Curse those Miscellanian soldiers!5
Without my trowel and fork, I can't do anything to keep the weeds from the farming patch.5
They came and demanded tribute, and even though I told them to go away, they came back at night and stole my farming tools!4
Please, find my tools again, so I can get back to work.3
Have you found the farming tools those Miscellanian soldiers took from me?2
*sigh* Times are tough.1
Though they're getting better.1
Could be better.1
Those Miscellanian soldiers?1
If they're the ones who keep on failing their trials, I'm not surprised.1
When I heard about them, I knew they've have to be dreadful to do that badly.1
Anyway, do you have my tools?1