Sure thing buddy! I'd say take better care of this one, but it's just a rock! I have hundreds of them! Go wild!4,547
Sure, have as many as you like. I've plenty more!2,222
Hey buddy! That ain't my name no more! My new Fremennik name is Larravak! What's yours?843
Ha! Ain't as good as my name buddy! So what can I do ya for?758
HAHAHA! Yeah, that Lalli... what a maroon!648
Well, as you know, I am doing the same trials that you are as part of my test of manhood, and that troll is the only one who can get that wool.646
It was easy buddy! I persuaded him he needed a pet to help him guard his apples. A pet that would never sleep! A pet that would never need food, or exercise!639
A pet ROCK!637
Sure thing buddy, although I have to say, I doubt even that troll is stupid enough to fall for the SAME trick TWICE in a row! You can try anyway though!610
You might have noticed he's kind of... messed in the head buddy! He's real paranoid about people stealing his golden apples, isn't he?480
Man, can you believe that stupid troll traded me some of his golden wool for a worthless ROCK?469
A pet that would never need him to clean up its... well, you know, buddy. A pet that would always be loyal to him! A faithful companion for life!455
Buddy, I hafta say; if brains were explosives, that troll wouldn't have enough to blow his nose!445
What? I can't believe she asked you to get a written promise from me to stay out!273
Awwwwwww.... but the longhall is just SO MUCH FUN! I'd live there if I could! I suppose you really need that promise to help become a Fremennik, huh?273
Well I'll tell you what buddy; As it's you, I'll give you that written promise. All I ask in return for it is a measly 5000 gold. What do you say?272
Done, and done. Let me know if you got any more cash burning a hole in your pocket I can relieve you of, buddy.262
Hi buddy! Or do ya want me to call ya %FREMENNIK_NAME% now?211
Me? On the council? Ha ha ha ha! Sorry buddy, I'm not a 'real' Fremennik yet! Let me guess, you're trying to get some council members to vote for you?194
You and me both buddy! We're both doing the same trials! This is my trial of manhood! How you finding it so far? Pretty easy, huh buddy?188
Yeah, that's the spirit buddy! It's all real easy, I wouldn't worry yourself about it, you'll be quaffing beers in the longhall as a Fremennik in no time!185
Well it's sure a weird place to ask for it buddy, but I have hundreds of them! Go wild!183
Hey pal... listen. I shouldn't really be talking to you. Everyone is saying you're a bad person. They say you were exiled!138
Sure thing, buddy!132
I believe you buddy! I just can't really be seen talking to you.130
I was down in that cave killing dagger-mouths! It was fun! But then I got thirsty, so came up here for a bit of a rest...126
Hey buddy, I'll tell you what, if you got any kegs of beer on ya, I'll buy them off ya for 700 gold coins each!126
Sure thing, but you'd better free up some space first.122
If ya found any animal parts killing dagger-mouths I'll trade ya for them too!120
Well, I'm not going back down there until I get a drink buddy! Come see me if you find me a keg, I pay good money!119
Nope, sorry buddy!76
Yup, sure is buddy! That Lalli is stupid, even by troll standards!46
I do!34
Aha! It is because I am cunning! That guarantee says that Askeladden will never enter the longhall again! But when I have completed my Fremennik trials,32
I guess you could do a bit of shopping. We got fresh fish at the docks, and some armour and weapons at Skulgrimen's place.28
and passed my trial of manhood, I will be given a new name, as is our custom, and will therefore not be Askeladden anymore! That guarantee isn't worth the paper it's written on!!26
Sure thing buddy, but it doesn't look like you got the room to take one from me!24
You didn't think I would give up going to the longhall for only 5000 did you?23
Trying to scam me, huh buddy? Well it won't work! You come back with the cash, or don't come back at all!13
Hey there, buddy. You're an outerlander, huh? I'm not really supposed to talk to you.12
Okay pal. If you need anything, come back to me but keep it on the down low.12
I dunno buddy. Some stupid tradition or other. We're always told not to talk to outerlanders unless the Chieftain has allowed it.10
His names Brundt, buddy. He's a real boring guy. You can find him in the longhall there.10
Sorry buddy, I'm not allowed into the Longhall. Don't worry, he's easy to spot. He's the one in the fancy helmet. Oh, and he only has one eye.10
Nah, nah, nah... He just wears an eyepatch! Well, see ya around buddy!9
Hey, suit yourself buddy. You change your mind, the bank of Askeladden is open for deposits 24 hours a day! Eh-heh-heh-heh-heh.1