Weapons are not allowed on Entrana. I must search you first.8,605
I'm sorry, no weapons or armour may be worn to Entrana. Come back when you have laid them down.980
What can I help you with?25
There is a lot of knowledge stored in this library, you know.23
And where do you come from, traveller?20
That I could have guessed.10
Looking for a book? A manuscript? Knowledge?9
What's this large pouch?7
We've been having more human visitors in the city recently, there is another one over there. Perhaps you'll want to talk to her.7
Oh, that sounds important. You'd better talk to the librarian about that.5
You need to speak to Auguste back on Entrana to receive your reward. You can use the balloon to go back there if you have one normal log.4
I'll leave you to your browsing, then.3