Sorry, I don't have an amulet of monkey speak.1,662
Oh, right... What are you doing here?1,644
Glough told me not to talk to anyone while I'm here.1,458
The fleet must be kept top secret... Agh! Forget I said anything.1,243
So what is it you want to know?1,148
Aha! The shipyard? Of course you aren't going to find anything there!1,139
The airships are being built just off the coast of Ape Atoll.1,138
Anyway, I have to get back to work. Let Awowogei know everything is on schedule.1,137
Sir, those experiments of yours are out of control back there, isn't there something you can do?1,127
Yes, sir.950
But sir, it's only a matter of time before they... Agghh!946
I've already said too much. Please, leave me be.270
Well you're not going to find him up here. I'm afraid I'm too busy to chat right now.128
Yes? Wait... what are you doing here?46
Me too, it's perfect conditions for my test flight.39
Oh sorry, ignore that. I just meant it's a lovely day.27
Do you want to use the balloon? Just so you know, some locations require special logs and high Firemaking skills.19
Odd, I didn't think Awowogei was the type to work with humans...14
I am Assistant Le Smith. I used to work as a glider pilot, but they kicked me off.14
They said I was too full of hot air.14
Do you want to use the balloon?14
I've already said too much, human. Please, leave me be.11
I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about... I'm just here on vacation!7