Thank you for helping us out with those souls. As you can see, we're facing quite the crisis.955
I'm afraid we don't quite know ourselves yet. A short while ago, our instruments detected fluctuations in power from the Dark Altar.948
A death? No! My father acted as fast as he could, but it sounds like he was not fast enough. This is a dark day for Arceuus.948
Dear Thana, you did not deserve this fate. Thank you for bringing this terrible news to us. I will make sure someone is sent out to take care of Thana and Mori.948
Ever since the Ascent of Arceuus, our people have been kept alive by the Dark Altar. Its power sustains our bodies in the same way yours is sustained by food and drink.948
If we can't find and fix whatever has caused this loss of power, our people are surely doomed. Now that those souls have been dealt with, we can perform tests both here and at the Altar to try and find the problem.946
Well... There is a secret known only to a few of us. At any other time, I would never dream of telling an outsider.944
It's believed by most that the knowledge of immortality was discovered by my father. The truth is, the discovery was not his.944
Their knowledge of the Dark Altar far exceeds ours. If anyone can help us, it's them. Ideally I'd send one of our own, but I have no one to spare. You are the only one who can help us.941
Thank you friend. You'll find Mount Karuulm on the other side of Lovakengj. Please hurry.941
The Altar is currently giving out a fraction of the power it normally would. The only thing keeping us alive is my father. His strength won't last forever though.700
My father was quick to act, using himself as a conduit to channel what little power the Altar had left.692
Alas, whatever happened seemed to cause them great pain, making them to go feral. They are now at peace though, thanks to you.680
Before we could do anything, we all felt a strange loss of power, as if the altar had failed altogether.671
Tell me, who has fallen?657
To the west of here, lies the sulphur volcano of Mount Karuulm. Within, live the Tasakaal, three ancient beings with power over life and death. They granted my father the knowledge that led to the Ascent of Arceuus.655
It seems the loss in power had an interesting impact on our experiments though. Some trapped souls that we were working to free were suddenly released.652
But our people's lives are in danger and you may well be the only one who can save us.647
Time is not on our side though, and I fear we won't be fast enough.644
Without the power of the Dark Altar, there's nothing to keep our people alive. The loss in power from the Altar will be what killed Thana.637
I'm afraid my father is deep in concentration and is unable to talk.341
Whatever you did it seems to have worked. Everything is back to normal. You should talk to my father, he'll want to thank you.262
You've done a great service to the people of Arceuus. Thank you.30
Have you spoken to the Tasakaal yet?27
Please hurry, I don't know how long my father can hold on for.26
Please hurry to Mount Karuulm. The Tasakaal may be the only ones who can save us. You'll find the volcano on the other side of Lovakengj.17