Now you look like someone who goes to a lot of fancy dress parties.2,764
I'm just saying that perhaps you would like to peruse my selection of garments.2,655
Or, if that doesn't interest you, then maybe you have something else to offer? I'm always on the look out for interesting or unusual new materials.1,939
Certainly. Take a look at my range of made-to-order items. If you can supply the furs, I'll gladly make any of these for you.1,425
Certainly. It'll also cost you 50 gold pieces.1,142
There we go; two eagle costumes. You should be the envy of the entire party with those.1,094
Ah, an inspired choice. What kind of bird were you thinking of?1,092
Well, the main problem is that I'm fresh out of giant eagle feathers. I've been meaning to get onto my supplier about that for some time.1,091
Very interesting. Unfortunately I don't think I have any giant eagle costumes in stock at the moment.1,090
Well, there was some chap in desert clothing. He said his name was Ali. He assured me they were giant eagle feathers, although when I come to think about it they were suspiciously similar to chicken feathers.1,089
Anyway, you're probably looking at about 10 giant eagle feathers, assuming you can find a nest.761
Of course if I had the materials I could make them for you.744
I'd also need some swamp tar to hold things together and some yellow dye for the beaks. Everything else I can supply myself.737
Well I do sell them. I don't hand them out for free though. This is a shop not a charity.197
Well I suppose you can have this old one. It's not in good enough condition to sell.197
I should be able to knock something up if you get me 10 of the right sort of feather. I'll also need some swamp tar and some yellow dye.57
Well, some more colourful feathers might be useful. For some surreal reason, all I normally seem to get offered are large quantities of rather beaten-up looking chicken feathers.56
People must have some very strange pastimes around these parts, that's all I can say.49
Sorry, we're closed at the moment.30
These costumes will be a bit of a handful, and I'd feel better if you had four free spaces to handle them. I mean, you wouldn't want to drop them and get them all dirty now, would you?28
Certainly, if you can supply the materials. I'll need appropriate feathers, swamp tar and some yellow dye. It'll also cost you 25 gold pieces.23
Well, feel free to come back if you change your mind.4
There we go; one eagle costume. You should be the envy of the entire party wearing that.2