Do you want to buy some runes?2,263
Really? But... surely he can't have..? Please, let me have it, it must be extremely important for him to have sent a stranger.1,082
My gratitude to you adventurer for bringing me these research notes. I notice that you brought the head wizard a special talisman that was the key to our finally unlocking the puzzle.1,074
This... this is incredible. Please, give me a few moments to quickly look over this, and then talk to me again.1,071
Combined with the information I had already collated regarding the Rune Essence, I think we have finally unlocked the power to956 I am getting ahead of myself. Please take this summary of my research back to the head wizard at the Wizards' Tower. I trust his judgement on whether to let you in on our little secret or not.806
Well if he's half as good a salesman as you suggest I should have no problem in funding my research and maybe even redecorating this place.278
Why doesn't he get his own runes and sell them?276
Hmm, interesting... So let's get this straight, he wants me to supply him with runes, which he will sell, and send me the profits?276
Do you think that it will work? Will people actually buy these runes off him?276
Now this is very important, is he trustworthy?276
Fair enough, I'll trust your judgement.276
What is this proposal then?275
Ali who?274
Certainly! Skillcapes are a symbol of achievement. Only people who have mastered a skill and reached level 99 can get their hands on them and gain the benefits they carry.155
The Cape of Runecrafting has been upgraded with each talisman, allowing you to access all Runecrafting altars. Is there anything else I can help you with?149
I suggest you take those research notes of mine back to the head wizard at the Wizards' Tower.109
Unless you were talking to me because you wished to buy some runes?70
Well, if you find someone who does want runes, please send them my way.62
Oh, sorry %USERNAME%, I didn't recognise you for a second, you're back again so soon. Have you spoken to Ali Morrisane yet about the runes?62
Great! Now, do want to buy some runes?54
Of course. After your assistance in unravelling the mystery of where Rune Stones come from, I can hardly do any less.34
If you ever need more runes, feel free to come to my shop.32
Remember, I will buy any runes you craft from you that you need to sell.32
Why yes, here are some air and mind runes.32
Since you are a member, I'll also give you some chaos runes.24
Most certainly, and free of charge!18
Well, luckily I have duplicates. It's a good thing they are written in code, I would not want the wrong kind of person to get access to the information contained within.10
Why yes, here are some chaos runes.8
I do have more rewards for you, but you need to be on a members world for me to give you the reward. Maybe there is something else I can help you with.8
I will be able to give you your reward when you have some space for it.6
Can I help you with anything else?4
What kind of person tells me they have a delivery for me, but not with them? Honestly.4
Oh, yes, the rune locks, they're a bit of a doozy, I've completely forgotten how they work, but I'm sure they shouldn't prove too much of a struggle to an intelligent adventurerer like you, %USERNAME%. Eh?2
Great! Now do want to buy some runes?2
Come back when you do.2