You can't go down there!388
This is the home of the Mountain Dwarves. How would you like it if I wanted to take a short cut through your home?355
Hmmph. What do you want?253
Yes, but I don't even know you.243
I don't make friends easily. People need to earn my trust first.240
My, we are the persistent one aren't we?240
Okay. I entrust you with our competition pass. Don't forget to take some gold with you for the entrance fee.226
Go to Hemenster and do us proud!226
Well, there's a certain gold artefact we're after. We dwarves are big fans of gold! This artefact is the first prize at the Hemenster fishing competition.197
Fortunately we have acquired a pass to enter that competition...185
Unfortunately Dwarves don't make good fishermen.182
Have you won yet?171
Well done! That's brilliant! Do you have the trophy with you?139
Oh! It's even more shiny and gold than I thought possible...138
Why the tunnel of course! You may now come and go freely, avoiding the wolves and dangers of the cold, high mountain. You could even stop in for a beer or two!126
Hoi there! Halt!111
What if I do! It's no business of yours.101
Hello then.89
You've done us proud. Thank you lad. I think we can now trust you enough to let you in...86
You can't come in here!84
Well, it is a lot easier to go this way to get past White Wolf Mountain than through those wolf filled passes.75
Welcome, oh great Fishing Champion! Feel free to pop by and use our tunnel any time.61
Go away! You're not going to bully your way in HERE!58
You've done us proud. Thank you lass. I think we can now trust you enough to let you in...52
Well, it is.44
Good. Because you can't.33
Because you can't. So that's fine.32
Yes. Fine.32
Well then.32
Well don't give up! Maybe old Jack can give you a few tips.20
Seems to me like you're not much of anything.11
Aye, it shouldn't take you long. When it's up to 10, come back and talk to me.11
Don't you know it.4
Ach! I don't want that!2
You'd better go get it then hadn't you?1