Please enter the answer to the question.3,526
Ah! Here you go!3,494
I need you to answer this for me.3,491
Spot on!3,460
So, how is progress of our plans coming along?1,970
What do you want? I'm very busy right now.1,241
I only discuss such matters with my highest ranking military officials. In fact, I am supposed to be in a meeting with my commander right now. Kruk has been consistently late to our meetings recently. 1,146
What was that? Is there a problem?1,136
Excellent. I must prepare for my meeting, Uwogo.1,125
Ah finally, Kruk! I was beginning to think you had run into trouble...1,120
Excellent. Have you had any further considerations for our plans?1,120
Are you sure everything is okay Kruk? You seem very distracted lately.1,120
We decided to move forward with our three-way assault.1,118
Don't let me down Kruk, we all know what is at stake here.1,116
What do you mean?1,108
This is a disaster! What about your secret weapon?1,104
Agh! You have left me no choice but to cancel our assault on the mainland...1,102
So, I hear you were the one to foil Glough's plans. Thank you, human, he had been setting our kingdoms against one another for far too long.1,026
Finally, there can be peace between Ape Atoll and the mainland. %USERNAME%, you are welcome to visit Ape Atoll whenever you please, we will be opening our gates to the outside world for the first time.944
Have you brought with you a captive?926
Uwogo, have a messenger fetch him from his post.918
Greetings, visitor. What brings you to my island?901
I see. Ours is a strong and mighty lineage of monkey, visitor. We clearly do not need your offer of an alliance.900
Well done!898
You are clearly well acquainted with the ways of this world. We will talk more on this later.897
I must think upon it some more and discuss the matter with my advisers. We will contact you when we are ready.897
This is for you to decide, visitor.895
I must be heading back now. Farewell, King Narnode, and thank you again, %USERNAME%.850
Hmmm, perhaps you could make yourself useful after all, visitor. Why don't you run along to the gate and remind Kruk of our meeting.837
You were negotiating an alliance with the ogres and trolls, working on a new fleet of battleships and then developing that secret weapon of yours.828
Please, feel free to talk to the new head of the Ape Atoll guard, Duke, about advanced combat training, should you wish to receive it.827
You have failed me for the last time, Kruk, you are hereby stripped of your rank and duties. Uwogo, cancel all of my upcoming meetings, I need some time alone.819
It is always dark here, Gnome. Why have you asked to see me in private?813
What human??727
You have shown yourself to be very resourceful. You have managed to complete an extremely long journey remarkably quickly.654
Why would I want to do that? Your king would declare war on my island.652
Be silent, Uwogo.646
You must be well aware your kind are hunted and trapped almost everywhere.643
In the meantime, feel free to remain as long as you like on my island.642
Intriguing. I have recently secured an alliance with the northern monkeys, which may prove useful.642
What is your opinion, Murowoi?641
Very well. I shall let you know when I have dealt with the Royal Guard.639
There are several of your kind kept captive there. I challenge you to free one and return it to me.638
Then be quick about it.634
I should hope so, for both of your sakes.634
However, I am well aware that you may have a few things to offer.633
With access to one of Glough's 'pets', I don't think I'll need it...630
What would you have me do?625
I must admit, I have always regarded your kind as our inferior cousins, visitor.621
Such as?619
Even those who escaped?619
In particular you may have heard of such activities in a city known to the humans as Ardougne.616
I have heard your kind are exceptionally resourceful. I wish to put this reputation to the test.607
You have brought peace between our kingdoms, %USERNAME%.113
I've instructed my people to allow you full access to our Island, but beware I do not command the undead beneath us.97
I don't know what you're talking about. We haven't been involved with Glough since he failed us.88
How can that be? Go check again!64
I don't have time for idle chat! What do you want?62
Then hurry, visitor. I am beginning to lose my faith in you.37
Please, feel free to talk to my new head of the guard, Duke, about advanced combat training, should you wish to receive it.35
You have brought peace between our kingdoms, Solo Lou.1