Hmm, well that could be quite fortuitous. We really could do with some help here. Our town seems to have come under a curse, and we are desperate to get it removed.1,005
Well first of all our fountain, which has served us for many years, suddenly dried up. We then started transporting water from the river, but what we carried would always have completely dried up by the time we1,005
Well we think it was because we were negligent in our duty to protect a priest of Saradomin. He came to us a few weeks ago from the north and we welcomed him into our town. He taught us much of the wisdom of1,002
Ohh there's a strange deep crevice in the desert to the west of here. We threw it down there. I don't know if it's lost forever or not.977
If you could retrieve it for us we'll be very grateful. Even if it doesn't give us our water back, maybe it'll calm Shiratti down, she was not pleased at it being thrown away and she's been grumpy ever since.976
Ohh that's not so good if only we hadn't thrown the statue away, we wouldn't have this water problem then. He was a very convincing priest though. He worked many wonders, for example if he prayed hard enough975
The Spirits of the Elid? I wasn't even sure if they weren't some old wives tale. Why would they do such a thing?972
Oh that old thing. Yeah, the priest of Saradomin said we should get rid of that. He said we should become followers of Saradomin, and therefore we wouldn't need it.971
Good luck to you.959
Saradomin. Then about a week ago, we found him dead by the river. It seems unlikely that it is coincidence we were then cursed. If you look around the town you might be able to find out more.740
got it back to the village.691
he became impervious to arrows. The way of Saradomin did seem very appealing.651
Many salutations to you sir, what brings you to our little town?639
Many salutations to you sir, have you made any progress in uncovering the reasons for our curse yet?634
Then truly you are very powerful too!561
Hey, leave my shoes alone!402
Many salutations to you madam, have you made any progress in uncovering the reasons for our curse yet?394
Many salutations to you madam, what brings you to our little town?383
Well it's tough. There is a guy who calls himself Ali the carter down in the market. He's from Pollnivneach, so the curse doesn't seem to have affected him. He's got a cart full of water which he's selling to the people here.234
Unfortunately in typical Pollnivneach style he's taking the opportunity to sell the water at outrageous prices because he knows we are desperate. Oh and Rokuh has developed something quite remarkable, called a choc ice201
which is helping people stay cool.179
Have you had any luck retrieving our statuette yet?150
I suppose sacrificing a pair of shoes for the greater good of the town is reasonable. I don't begin to understand the ways of genies.99
Anyway thanks for getting the statue back. You should take it to our temple and then we can see if our fountain starts working again.97
What's more when we now pray at the shrine we now feel rejuvenated and healthier than ever!51
Thank you kind sir. The town is saved and the water is flowing freely.38
What! That's just asking to much. So, he want's to have my soul when my time to die comes?25
That's barbaric! I simply refuse. The price is too high. We'll just have to find other ways to get the town a good supply of water. Don't go bringing any knives near me.24
Please try your best, that water salesman is not doing much good for the economy of our town.23
Thank you kind madam. The town is saved and the water is flowing freely.16
Look around this town, see if you can uncover any information to why we were cursed and how the curse might be lifted. I suspect that it might be because a priest of Saradomin died while staying at our town, but15
What do you think you are doing?13
What, have you lost your mind?13
that isn't much help in getting the curse lifted and it is possible I'm wrong anyway.12
That's barbaric! We'll just have to find other ways to get the town a good supply of water. Keep your knife away from me please.12
Well we've not fallen on the best of times here, but there are a few shops to look around and we have someone selling a marvelous new invention called a choc ice.. 6
Oh you don't want to go there at the moment. I hear rumours of plagues and the like down there, I think they've closed off the city anyway.6
In a deep crevice to the west of this village.4
Well I hope somebody can find the time soon, the despair of the people of this town increases daily.3
Good luck, may Sarad.. errm I mean Elidinis guide you.2
Oh, and there's the old temple if you're interested in a bit of history.1