What? Who are you? Come inside quickly!1,360
Oh you mean Kent's son. He's around somewhere, probably hiding if he knows what's good for him.1,334
Haven't you seen all those things out there?1,326
It all began about a week ago. We pulled up a haul of deep sea flatfish. Mixed in with them we found those slug things, but thought nothing of it.1,324
This is no time for humour.1,316
That's okay. I just can't shake the feeling that this is the start of something... Terrible.1,305
Oh, thank the gods it's you. They've all gone mad I tell you, one of the fishermen tried to throw me into the sea!1,262
I figured as much.1,261
The sea slugs are scared of heat, I figured that out when I tried to cook them.1,260
What are you doing here?1,122
Oh, sorry, %USERNAME%. I thought you were one of those fishermen.1,017
Well, I am scared half to death out here.1,015
Really, great! 1,012
Well, you are in luck. I had been cooking a new batch of gumbo for my dinner. However, I've let it cook too long and it's become very thick and sticky. 1,008
Then why haven't you used it?1,007
Uncanny really.1,005
I doubt the fishermen will come near you if you can get this torch lit.997
Right, there you go.968
Right, I'll get cooking.966
Not long after that my friends began to change, now they spend all day pulling in hauls of fish, only to throw back the fish and keep those nasty sea slugs.927
What am I supposed to do with those? I haven't figured out how to kill one yet, if I put them near the stove they squirm and jump away.873
Good luck.856
That should do the trick.762
What is it?715
It should make the perfect base for your glue.705
Do you have a dead sea slug I can use?700
The only problem is all the wood and flint are damp... I can't light a thing!686
Well, hello again, %USERNAME%. What brings you back out here?78
Well, be very careful out there! Those dratted slugs have been joined by giant lobsters!64
Well, get back to me when you have.35
Well done traveller, you'd better get Kennith out of here soon.18
Just be sure to watch your back. The fishermen seem to have taken notice of you.18
The fishermen are becoming stranger by the minute, and they keep pulling up those blasted sea slugs.16
Hello again. I saw you managed to get Kennith off the platform. Well done. He wasn't safe around those slugs.10
No, these fishermen are my friends, I'm sure they can be saved. I'm going to stay and try to get rid of all these slugs.10
Not yet but I'll keep working on it.10
Yes, I dread to think what would happen if they got to Witchaven nearby.10
You too %USERNAME%.10
Are you insane? Have you seen what's happening out there?10
Yes the mutant lobsters! I swear at any minute they are going to break down the door and attack me.10
Well, true, but you can't be too careful.10
Not long after you rescued Kennith.10
They get hauled out of the sea as ordinary giant lobsters, the fishermen hit them with a mallet then a Sea Slug jumps into the crack.10
After a while they turn green, before jumping back into the sea and swimming off towards the mainland.10
Please be quick, I can't leave whilst those things are out there.10
Well hello again %USERNAME%. What brings you back out here?8
Well don't go touching any of those blasted slugs.8
I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on things here until a way of removing the slugs can be found.6
That was silly, fortunately I have another. Here, take it.2
Oh, sorry, ------------. I thought you were one of those fishermen.1