Come here my friend, so I may embrace you. You have done us a great turn by disposing of those Menaphites.782
Regardless, I am still very grateful. Now I have the town at my mercy.780
Do you want a reward? A fee? I will not begrudge you that.779
How the worm has turned. You who was robbing, looting and poisoning not too long ago are now taking the moral high ground! Or are you trying to keep the whole town for yourself?778
Adventurer... I have underestimated you. Perhaps we can come to an agreement. How about if I work for you? Think of the riches you would make.653
The people's champion, you are so naive. They won't even thank you for this you know.637
I will not be run out of my own town without a fight. If you defeat my best warrior I will leave town.557