I think there's dragons down there. Make sure you're prepared.1,398
It leads to the caves beneath this part of the island. I think there's dragons at the other end; you can hear the noises and smell the smoke coming up the passage.1,059
Eh, I could sort something out for you. Thing is, my brother's got a job guarding the main entrance to the caves. I'd be undercutting him if I let people go down this hole.1,032
No, it means I'd need something to assuage my conscience after betraying my brother. 5,000 trading sticks ought to cheer me up nicely.1,031
Yes, you've paid, you can climb down there whenever you like. Go, go.42
Hey, I didn't say you could do that!25
Ever seen a toilet around here?24
Either go down it or don't go down it, but stop messing around with it!4