Be careful down there!2,869
I saw one of the other bank guards disappear down the trapdoor when he approached it and we never saw him again!534
If you see a scarab on any of the walls, stay well away from it!533
Watch out for the traps!532
You should take some food down with you in case you get hurt!531
I wouldn't take many valuables down there the first time I went, just in case something bad happened.531
It really is incredibly dangerous down there!530
Halt! You may not go down there!102
We're guarding the trapdoor, making sure nothing comes up or goes down!54
If you really want to go down there, you really should talk to Jex first.53
Besides, the way we have it set up, I doubt you'd be able to get that trapdoor open!48
The nastiest creatures imaginable!44
Little, aside from the odd fairy tale from childhood.42
They seem to be a cross between humans and scarabs.40
Rumour has it they may be connected to the ancient Sect of Scabaras!38
Sorry to be rude, but we really need to get back to guarding the door. The scarab beasts might come back at any time.29
Too many people have died down there for us not to take action.28
There are fiendish traps and ghastly scarab monsters down there.28
When we were first posted down here, we had a look down there and only just escaped with our lives.23