No, it doesn't.88
I could do.76
Someone smashed the wall when they were robbing the bank.75
Yes, but we were able to get more staff and mend the wall easily enough.74
We are fairly sure we know who the robber was. The security recording was damaged in the attack, but it still shows his face clearly enough.74
Yes. Our insurers insisted that we install a magical scrying orb.74
Yes, but the new ones are just as good.72
No-one's expecting me to be nice.72
I suppose so. But it's quite long.70
The Bank has already replaced all the stolen items that belonged to customers.69
Alright... The bank's magical playback device will feed the recorded images into your mind. Just shut your eyes.63
Oh, you recognised him too?27
We're certainly keeping an eye on him. I'm afraid I can't give you any more details about the case.26
Thanks, but we already know where to find our suspect.17
I'd like you to pay me 50 gp first.12
The amount of evidence against him makes that almost unnecessary.9
No. I'm a security guard, not a bank clerk.8
As a bank employee, I suppose I could take the money directly from your bank account.6
I can't disclose that information.5
Good day, sir.5
Good day, ma'am.2