Good day, how may I help you?79,181
Hand me a banknote, and I'll try to convert it to an item.6,543
Oh great, another customer. What do you want?2,347
Human! Get back to the slave pens before I call the guards!2,269
I used to work in the East Varrock branch. Then a request came in to set up a bank in this new town.361
The other clerks and myself pulled straws and I was unlucky enough to be sent to this stinking death trap.359
Now I'm stuck here, ferrying items back and forth to the bank's safe in Varrock for people like you.354
Tell that to my back and legs, I'm exhausted from carrying all this junk back and forth.345
What do you want?330
You already have one of those.327
What do you want meat bag?265
You don't have any inventory space.256
Newcomers aren't allowed to use the bank. Come back once you've earned our trust.210
Who's there?176
This is a branch of the Bank of Gielinor. We have branches in many towns.173
We will look after your items and money for you. Leave your valuables with us if you want to keep them safe.135
Hi there, can I help you with anything?105
Aye? Ye got some stuff te stash?58
No. Staff only beyond this point. You can't come in here.57
And what can the Keldagrim bank do for you today?43
You need at least 1,000 coins to exchange them for platinum tokens.35
You blind meat bag? It's a bank. You can store your valuables here... not that I expect you to have any.35
Boo who?31
What? I'm not... oh, just go away!31
Doctor wh.. hang on, I'm not falling for that one again! Go away.29
Kanga who?27
Stop messing about and go away!27
Anything else?22
You blind? It's a bank. You can store your valuables here... if you have any.21
And what can the Sophanem Bank do for you today?20
New taxes?20
Thank who?20
Stop it!20
No problem. However, we first need to tax you for your bank usage.18
Well it's only fair right? You tax us so we tax you.18
We have an agreement with them, yes, although it took some time to work out.15
As you may have noticed, the desert adds complications to all matters of trade and finance.15
We're the only bank on these two islands, so business is pretty good.15
This be a branch of the Bank of Gielinor. Ye may have heard of us.14
Was there something else you wanted?14
It could be better. The businesses here still have not recovered from their relocation. Personal banking like yours makes up the majority of our trade.14
Was there anything else with which I can help you?14
This is an elven bank. The magic in this place allows you to access your account here in the western lands.13
Why yes, what else would it be?12
Hello, surface dweller! How can I help you?11
Welcome to the Keldagrim bank! Anything I can help you with?10
Real secure. Before we got here, people were just dumpin' stuff into a bucket guarded by a man with an iron bar.8
Since we arrived, we can get all the stuff organised nice and civil like, and with only half as many kneecappins.8
Welcome to the Sophanem Bank! Anything I can help you with?7
We keep an eye on yer loot for ye. Leave yer valuables with us if ye want to keep 'em nice and safe.5
This is the Bank of Dorgesh-Kaan! Since surface dwellers began coming into the city, we've made an arrangement with the Bank of Gielinor on the surface, so we can act as one of their branches.4
Good day, would you like to access your bank account?3
Oh yes, we are a branch, but an independent branch.2
We have liaised with the Bank of Gielinor. It's healthy to keep a bit of trade going with the human population, you know.2
Citizens don't deal with taxes. Nice try.2
Stop it, don't be so obvious. In the mysterious tongue, remember: O ocaaaa acac acaaaa acabac cacac acaaaa acabca aa aacac ocach acaj cachba aaj cach.2
Newcomers aren't allowed to use anything in the bank, including the poll booth. Come back once you've earned our trust.1
It goes well. The Consortium has brought an era of prosperity to the dwarves that we haven't seen for a long time.1
Was there anything else I can help you with?1
Of course.1