Good day, how may I help you?279
To open your bank you can speak to any banker, as well as use a bank booth or bank chest. If you have a PIN setup you will be asked to enter the PIN before you are given access to your bank.8
Hand me a banknote, and I'll try to convert it to an item.7
To withdraw one item, left-click on it once. To withdraw many, right-click on the item and select from the menu. The same can be done for depositing items.6
You can use bank notes on any banker to un-note the item. Alternatively, you can deposit the items into the bank. Then withdraw them as an item instead of a note.5
If you are using swap, the two items will switch place. If you are using Insert, the item you are moving will be placed either in front or behind the item you targeted with the item you are moving.4
You may withdraw 'notes' or 'certificates'. This will only work for items which are tradable and do not stack. To withdraw an Item as note, you need to select the 'note' withdraw as button.4
While you are in your bank you can click and drag items to move them around the bank. There are two modes for moving items, Swap or Insert.3
This is the Lumbridge branch of the Bank of Gielinor! Would you like to access your account?2
What about you, %USERNAME%?2
They look like grey pillars, there's one just over there, near the desk. You can usually find a Bank deposit box next to a bank.2
Bank deposit boxes save so much time as you do not have to enter in your bank PIN. If you're simply wanting to deposit a single item, 'Use' it on the deposit box.2
The PIN - Personal Identification Number - can be set on your bank account to protect your items in case someone finds out your account password. It consists of four numbers that you remember and tell no one.1
Otherwise, simply click once on the box and it will give you a choice of what to deposit in an interface very similar to the bank itself. Very quick for when you're simply fishing or mining etc.1
You already have one of those.1