Me busy - go away!116
You look funny.111
What you want?111
Wanna fight?106
Ah, you come for fight, ja?100
Hah! What you want with me, little city man?37
A fight!31
Ha ha ha! Little %USERNAME% wants to buy me a drink, how sweet.19
You not talk like barbarian man. You certainly not smell like barbarian man! But I think I give you test anyway.19
Back in village to the west, we barbarians scream our defiance as we fight. We scream 'YYEEEEEAAARRRRGGHHHH!!!' Can you do this?19
Ha ha ha! Little %USERNAME% cannot yell like barbarian. Also, I strong barbarian woman; I get my own drink. Run away now, little %USERNAME%.17
Ha ha ha! We fight anytime you like.6
Ha ha ha! I not interested in talking to soft city man who not know what he want.6
Hah! Soft city woman, you want fight?5