Oh! Hello there.104
It's really quite simple. Just walk down to that tree on the bank and chop it down.58
When you have done that you can shape the log further with your axe to make a canoe.50
I've heard tell of great evil in that blasted wasteland.31
Hoo! You look like you know which end of an axe is which!30
You can easily build one of those Wakas. Be careful if you travel into the Wilderness though.29
My name is Ex Sea Captain Barfy Bill.29
Yeah, I bought a lovely ship and was planning to make a fortune running her as a merchant vessel.26
Chronic sea sickness. My first, and only, voyage was spent dry heaving over the rails.25
Well my ship had a little fire related problem. Fortunately it was well insured.23
If I had known about the sea sickness I could have saved myself a lot of money.20
Anyway, I don't have to work anymore so I've taken to canoeing on the river.19
I don't get river sick!18
Would you like to know how to make a canoe?16
Not likely! I've heard tell of a man up near Edgeville who claims he can use a Waka to get up into the Wilderness.10
Hah! I can tell just by looking that you lack talent in woodcutting.9
No Callouses! No Splinters! No camp fires littering the trail behind you.9
With a Stable Dugout you can travel to any place on the river.9
Anyway, the only 'canoe' you can make is a log. You'll be able to travel 1 stop along the river with a log canoe.8
I can't think why anyone would wish to venture into that hellish landscape though.8
The best canoe you can make is a Stable Dugout, one step beyond a normal Dugout.7
With your skill in woodcutting you could make my favourite canoe, the Dugout. They might not be the best canoe on the river, but they get you where you're going.5
You will be able to travel 2 stops on the river.4
Well, you don't look like you have the skill to make a canoe.4
You need to have at least level 12 woodcutting.4
Once you are able to make a canoe it makes travel along the river much quicker!4