Welcome to the Laughing Miner pub, human traveller.1,956
Thanks for your custom.1,512
That'll be 2 gold coins.1,393
I can make you a stew for 20 gold coins.273
What man?47
Oh, him. Yes, we employ him to advertise our pub, he's the cheapest labour we could find. We don't have a lot of money to spare you know, we pay him in beer.43
Well, he's drunk isn't he?42
I'm not quite sure, I think he kept wearing the wrong coloured cap all the time. They don't much like it if you don't wear your red uniform into work.41
The Red Axe will fire you for just about anything if they want to.41
Sorry, we've stopped serving those. The seeds were too hard to get.39
I told you, he's cheap. He couldn't get any other work since the Red Axe fired him. Been drinking ever since.39
Well, we don't stock them anymore, but some of our more frequent visitors may have some left.20
Oh, they're easy enough to spot!18
It should. Although you might want to check White Wolf Mountain as well, the bar underneath it is quite popular too.18
Just look for the dwarves that like their drinks.17