Good morning, what would you like?5,795
Well we have beer, or if you want some food, we have our home made stew and meat pies.4,451
A bowl of stew, that'll be 20 coins please.4,243
What can I do yer for?4,115
What can I get you?3,003
No problemo. That'll be 2 coins.2,893
Dragon Bitter and Greenman's Ale, oh and some cheap beer.2,843
Would you like to buy a drink?1,627
Oh no not another of you guys. These barbarian barcrawls cause too much damage to my bar.1,158
Ah, there seems to be a fair few doing that one these days. My supply of Olde Suspiciouse is starting to run low, it'll cost you 10 coins.1,108
Fancy a bit of Heart Stopper then do you? It'll only be 8 coins.1,098
Are you sure? You look a bit skinny for that.1,096
Ok one Black Skull Ale coming up, 8 coins please.1,095
Oh you're a barbarian then. Now which of these barrels contained the Liverbane Ale? That'll be 18 coins please.1,087
I suppose you'll be wanting some Fire Brandy. That'll cost you 12 coins.1,087
Haha time to be breaking out the old Supergrog. That'll be 15 coins please.1,082
Can I help you?1,075
Yohoho me hearty what would you like to drink?1,061
He was talking to some shifty looking wizard the other day. I don't know his name, but I'd recognise him if I saw him.1,059
Congratulations! Here you go.1,010
Nicely solved!985
You're going to have to pay 50 gold for the Uncle Humphrey's Gutrot.951
Oh yes, this is Brentle's mug...I'm surprised he left it just lying around down some cave. He's quite protective of it.933
Yeah, this belongs to 'Brentle Vahn', he's quite a common customer, though I've not seen him in a while. 932
Noooo! I'm shocked...930
Ok, that'll be ten coins.791
Yeah, that's the guy who was talking to Brentle Vahn the other day! Look at those eyes, never a more shifty looking pair will you ever see!777
I can and I will!772
Not at all, just doing my part.768
That'll be 2 gold coins please!708
If you need help bringing the culprit to justice, you let me know.696
...but not surprised. He was a good customer...but I knew he would sell his sword arm and do many a dark deed if paid enough.687
Have a super day!681
Welcome to the Sheared Ram. What can I do for you?663
Oh really? Our inheritance is only sand and death. What do you expect to find out here in this desert forsaken by the gods?588
You've had your drink, now get out of here. I have nothing to say to the-586
That'll be two coins please.570
What's that? You wanna buy a beer? It'll cost ya 650 coins.527
It's just a fairy tale for children. Maybe one of the village elders might know more, but it's not really something I care about.480
The four diamonds of Azzanadra??? How came you to know of this?478
If you're not buying anything, I have nothing to say to you.470
There you go. Now get out, we don't like your sort around here.461
Oh yes, Brentle's tankard. Yeah, you've shown me this already. It belonged to Brentle Vahn, he was quite a common customer, though I've not seen him in a while. 447
Now get out of here, your sort isn't welcome in my bar.389
One beer coming up. Ok, that'll be two coins.364
Ok, that'll be two coins.220
If I were you I'd get lost before someone takes a dislike to your face and removes it for you.182
Good day to you, brave adventurer. Can I get you a refreshing beer?173
Sure, that will be 2 gold coins please.153
Look around pal. Does it looks like there's any treasure near here?140
Taxes? What do you mean?139
You haven't heard the last of this!131
Beer tax? My patrons work hard for the city of Ardougne! They come here to unwind after a long day. This is plain disrespect to the work they do!130
Ok then, that's two gold coins please.102
That'll be 27 coins.66
Ok, that'll be two coins please.61
No, it hasn't been very busy lately.60
Look around lady. Does it looks like there's any treasure near here?60
Ooh I don't know if I should be giving away information, makes the game too easy.59
Ok, that'll be 16 coins.42
Who's that? I mean, I guess it's a picture of a person isn't it?'ve got me? And before you ask, you're not putting it up on my wall!35
I'm sorry, I really am, but I just don't see it...can you make a better picture?35
Well, there's the sword shop across the road, or there's also all sorts of shops up around the market.34
Not that I think it's any of your business, but when I was a child I remember hearing the legend.32
I don't recall it particularly well, other than they are said to contain an incredible power.29
This world around us... is an online game... called Old School RuneScape.29
It's a sort of connection between magic boxes across the world, big boxes on people's desktops and little ones people can carry. They can talk to each other to play games.28
Let me know if you change your mind.27
Doubt it. What in the world would someone need to guard against in the middle of this desert?27
Get out of here. I have nothing to say to the likes of you.25
Two gold pieces a pint. So, what do you say?24
Get out of my bar then! We don't like your sort round here!24
I'm not that well up on the gossip out here. I've heard that the bartender in the Blue Moon Inn has gone a little crazy, he keeps claiming he is part of something called an online game.24
If you really want to hear more about it you'd be best off finding someone who cares about the past, and the history of this area, and stop bothering me.23
What that means, I don't know. That's probably old news by now though.22
Come back when you're a little thirstier.21
Get out of here, we don't like your sort in these parts.20
Yeah, I recognise that Geezer, he was talking to one of my customers the other day.20
One grog coming right up, that'll be three coins.17
Go and talk to the bartender at the Jolly Boar Inn, he doesn't seem to mind giving away clues.16
A bad attack of sand? I think you're on the wrong track, mister so-called archaeologist.16
Hmmm, it's not really familiar to me, sorry I don't know what it's for, looks magical to me...maybe someone else in Yanille can help you?14
Ooh, now. Let me see...12
Well there is the Varrock sewers. There are tales of untold horrors coming out at night and stealing babies from houses.12
It's just to the east of the palace.12
You ain't got room to carry it, and I'm glad 'cos I didn't want to serve you anyway.9
One of the patrons here is looking for treasure apparently. A chap by the name of Veos.9
Well, there was a guy in here earlier saying the goblins up by the mountain are arguing again, about the colour of their armour of all things.9
Oooh, don't show me that sort of stuff, it's probably all magical and wizardy, probably turn me into a frog as soon as I look at it...9
So you're the fella that freed Azzanadra, huh? Fair play to ya. What will you have?7
Knowing the goblins it could easily turn into a full blown war, which wouldn't be good. Goblin wars make such a mess of the countryside.7
A bad attack of sand? I think you're on the wrong track, miss so-called archaeologist.6
Didn't feel like a drink after all, huh? Well, stop by anytime, hero.5
You ain't got the 650 coins it costs to buy it, and I'm glad 'cos I didn't want to serve you anyway.5
So you're the lass that freed Azzanadra, huh? Fair play to ya. What will you have?4
You don't represent the king! Clear off!4
The treasure hunter? I think I heard him say that he was heading back to his ship in Draynor Village.2
I hear that Lord Hosidius has misplaced one of his sons. The Hosidius family might pay a lot to see him returned safely.2
And why would a mourner be telling me this? Clear off!2
Phileas Rimor has supposedly been looking for some assistance with something in Shayzien. Maybe worth investigating.1