What can I get you?59
My pub's called The Legless Faun. It's where all the newcomers find themselves after the long voyage from the east. A good drink takes the edge off, y'know? So, fancy a pint?20
That'll be 4 gold pieces.18
A wise man once told me to never fear a drink... But perhaps I'm a little bias.12
They say there's trouble in Port Piscarilius. Something about gangs uniting. Might be worth looking into.6
No, it hasn't been very busy lately.5
I can't just be handing out free beers...4
...I suppose, if that's the kind of person you are.3
Apparently Veos is looking for some help with something. He hangs around the docks of Port Piscarilius.2
I hear that Lord Hosidius has misplaced one of his sons. The Hosidius family might pay a lot to see him returned safely.1
Phileas Rimor has supposedly been looking for some assistance with something in Shayzien. Maybe worth investigating.1
I hear that the rulers of Lovakengj have some work available. You'll find them in the Lovakengj Assembly.1