Ah, %USERNAME%. Welcome.1,079
And you.1,078
One of the security measures put in place during the God Wars, from the outside it seems like there's nothing there. Don't worry though, the restoration is complete.1,077
Oh I said my days as a king were done, and I meant it. From now on, the elves will be jointly ruled by the eight clan elders. No single elf will ever rule again. We've realised that we're not overly good at it.1,073
Lord Iorwerth please, see reason. That thing is not Seren, it's not our goddess.1,027
Ah... You made it.1,017
Then we will leave at once.1,007
Lord Iorwerth.1,007
Good, because we're out of time. A message came into the camp, Lord Iorwerth wishes to meet.1,006
Maybe, but I don't think so. Even if nothing came of it, he was willing to meet me before the Siege of Prifddinas all those years ago.1,006
Yes, General Hining has given us the full support of the Tyras forces. Sadly though, the new king of Ardougne does not wish to assist us.1,003
I will go. If there's a chance to avoid bloodshed, we should take it, no matter how slim the odds are. I would like you to join me.1,001
No, but maybe Arianwyn will. He considered you a friend, he may still care for what you have to say.998
Thank you friend. Now, Lord Iorwerth is unlikely to be patient, but we can spare a bit of time. If there's anyone you wish to talk to here, I suggest you do so before we depart. You may not get another chance.997
I suppose they've had enough of elves.996
We've managed to fortify the area around the camp quite well. The dwarves have set up some cannons and General Hining's men have built some catapults.990
I hope so... I fear it won't be enough to win though.987
They haven't given us an exact time, it's a slow process apparently.985
The scouts have reported that his forces are on the move as we speak. It won't be long.983
Elena said she had an idea that might help our defence. You could talk to her and see if she needs any help.982
Lord Iorwerth is still out there and thanks to his larger army, we have no way of easily dealing with him.962
We have the orb, and the elders are securing the Temple of Light as we speak. That fragment of Seren should no longer be a concern.961
I'm sure there is, but I don't know what.961
I was thinking the same. However, I have a favour to ask first. Something I'd rather keep quiet.960
Our group is fractured. The revelation about Seren has hit everyone hard, and opinions clearly differ on how we should be responding to it. I fear some intend to take matters into their own hands.959
I don't know. He claims to hate the Iorwerth clan, and he has more reason to feel that way than most. That said... something isn't right.956
Thank you friend. Without this, Lord Iorwerth has no hope of freeing that fragment of Seren. I will look after it until we decide what to do with it.955
I'm afraid not. Elena said she saw him leaving though, maybe she can help.955
I do. Ysgawyn left the village after the meeting earlier. See if you can track him down and find out what he's up to.954
Glarial! I... oh...912
Arianwyn... I remember that name. You grew up in my kingdom... I'm sorry about your family.896
After all that's happened, we've decided that from now on, that will no longer be the case. We will open our city up to the other races, letting them walk among us for the first time.870
Who are you?853
I knew Seren, I'm the only one here that did, and I know that isn't her.852
But anyway, we can talk more later. For now, I'd say it's time for the two of you to see Prifddinas.824
Speaking of which, myself and the other elders have come to an agreement. For too long, we've been afraid of outsiders, showing them mistrust while our own kind plot against us.823
As a thank you for all that you've done, we'd like the two of you to be the first to enter Prifddinas.821
I'm not a king... not anymore.818
The Trahaearn clan is a clan of smiths and miners. It's possible that you'll need to use your smithing and mining skills to find Lady Trahaearn.793
Here is the clue she left behind: 'I will journey south from the well.'791
Here is the clue she left behind: 'I'll put my soul into my greatest work.'778
The Ithell clan is a clan of builders and architects. Before her death, Lady Ithell was considered the finest architect of all the elves. This village was her final and finest contribution to our people.778
Let me know when you're ready to go.772
The inversion potion will ensure that whoever is sent survives the journey, now we just need to decide who that is.762
Here is the clue she left behind: 'Follow the scrolls to find me.'754
I did not come here to trade insults.737
I appreciate the sentiment, but please, I am no king anymore.731
As am I.730
The Meilyr clan is a clan of scientists and explorers. You'll probably need to do some exploring yourself to find Lady Meilyr. You may also find this of use.726
Now I must ask... Glarial... Is there any news?718
And what happens if we do?709
And if she's evil? What do you do then?706
I... I see... It was always a lot to hope for...699
That... That means a lot. Thank you. It is good to see that some humans still see elves as friends.698
And we all live happily ever after?693
I'm sorry, but we can't let you enter that temple.693
Please, let us leave now. There is too much sadness for me here, too much pain. Once we arrive, you must tell me everything that has happened in my absence.689
I don't deny it. I failed my people, I failed you. I was never a worthy king, I know that now. But you can't use my failures as a mask to hide your own.689
Grandson? So Eirlys had a child? Does she still live as well?687
No father should outlive their child. Forgive me Eirlys.678
I don't know exactly. She said that those who follow the light would be able to access her knowledge.674
No... I feel I've spent long enough here.672
Ysgawyn in particular has been very distant. I have concerns about his loyalties.670
I'll see what I can do. We'll need to work quickly though, Lord Iorwerth will be preparing his forces as we speak. Now I guess you'll be wanting to hear those clues?659
I... I suppose you could be right.655
What do you mean?651
We will need a special potion to be able to safely enter the crystal seed. We'll also need to be able to bypass the defences around it as well.646
An illness of some sort, I never actually knew what it was. She'd had it for years.643
I had a look. Kelyn Ithell is her closest living relative. Problem is, we don't just need a Lady Ithell, we need the Lady Ithell.642
The Crwys clan is a clan of woodcutters and farmers. The entire clan is close to nature, but none more than Lord Crwys.639
I have, but there's a problem. We should hopefully be able to find Lady Meilyr. But Lady Ithell, she died in the early days of the war.638
Here is the clue he left behind: 'The trees of my home will call to me.'638
Not all the clan elders. We're still missing two.635
But we don't have the strength to withstand Lord Iorwerth's forces.631
I... You're right... We don't have a plan though.625
She... She'd want me to save them.618
You... You're awful at pep talks.616
The Hefin clan are our religious leaders. They teach us to better ourselves, not just in mind, but in body as well. Lady Hefin used to lead some of the more vigorous training exercises of the Hefin clan.614
I... I can't...613
Here is the clue she left behind: 'I will walk across the water to the south.'612
But he outnumbers us ten to one... We'll all die.607
What other option is there?603
Maybe not then... but now...598
Now that Ysgawyn has returned, I thought we should gather to hear what he has discovered.590
I used to think I was a good king, one that took care of his people. Thanks to me, they had roofs over their heads and food for their tables.583
Oh... Hello. Good work finding Lord Crwys and Lady Hefin. I never thought I'd see the other elders again, maybe we'll have a chance with them alongside us.578
He has just returned. Let us gather the others and hear what he has to say.578
Thank you, Arianwyn. I... Forgive me, it's been a long time since I last chaired a meeting like this. Much has changed since then as well.550
Thank you friend.544
Here is the clue he left behind: 'The elven crystal will lead you to me.'534
I know not what the seals hide. What I do know is that they could, in theory, be broken.531
Ysgawyn has gone to see if he can find the orb you spoke of. No one actually gave him permission, but he seems to care little for orders at the moment.519
Oh... Hello there.518
Yes... Prifddinas may have been reverted to seed, but it does still exist.516
I know of Gorlah. It's an old shrine north of Prifddinas, a place for quiet worship away from the city.514
There's a lot to think about, for all of us. There's also a lot we still don't know.514
I'm glad it seems that way, that's not how it feels though. I knew of Seren's troubles, but to know the cause... it's heart-breaking.514
Yes... But Arianwyn doesn't know me, not really.514
To stop Lord Iorwerth. Even if we now know his true intentions, even if some think those intentions may be good, we can't ignore his actions.514
I hope so... I know the pain he feels, it can tear you apart if you're not careful.513
And yet... I never loved them, not really. The only thing I loved was her, my Glarial.509
Arianwyn has informed me of Lord Iorwerth's revelation...506
Very well, head to the Underground Pass and see what you can do. In the meantime, we should secure that orb. Even if he does get into the temple, Lord Iorwerth can do nothing without it.501
Well... we might still have a way.499
I was lucky enough to be trusted by Seren. She confided in me many times. She never told me what knowledge the seals guard, but she did tell me that they could be destroyed.496
%USERNAME%, head to the cave at the Iorwerth Camp and recover the Orb of Light. Be careful though, it's likely to be well guarded.490
Lord Iorwerth will stop at nothing to enter the temple. We have to assume that sooner or later, he will find that tunnel.489
About Seren? No. As for him breaking a seal in the Grand Library... I... do not know.489
Now is not the time for arguing. At some point, we will need to decide what to do about the fragment of Seren. For now though, we need to focus on getting that orb and stopping Lord Iorwerth.488
No. While Lord Iorwerth is at large, Prifddinas must remain as it is. However, there may be a way to still enter the city.487
That's the idea. It won't be straightforward though.486
I would never wish for the death of a fellow elf, no matter what they've done.483
When they took her from me... I was torn apart. I vowed I would get her back no matter the cost. That vow destroyed my people... I destroyed my people. In the end... I became just like Lord Iorwerth.459
I tried to reason with Lord Iorwerth a long time ago... It won't work, as much as I wish it would.455
Lord Iorwerth intends to use the orb to free the dark fragment of Seren. We need to stop him.451
The Amlodd clan is a clan of mystics. Some sort of magic may be key to finding Lord Amlodd. You might also find this of use, Lord Amlodd gave it to me before we went our seperate ways.446
The crystal seed containing Prifddinas, it lies in the middle of the clearing where the city once stood. The only thing left of the city itself are the walls.437
After Prifddinas was reverted to seed, the clan elders went into hiding. Before we parted ways, the others did leave me with some clues on how to find them.434
While the Iorwerth clan may hold some magical knowledge... they are not mystics. I have no doubt that their work was crude at best, work that a true master of the magical arts could overcome.432
It worries me that you are unwilling to share them.432
He'll be alright, just give him time. While he is gone, we need to keep making progress.429
How did you discover this?424
We'd be throwing lives away...423
Scouting? At the Iorwerth Camp? Who gave you permission?422
So many dead... my people, the ones I was meant to protect. But that wasn't the worst of it. Glarial, my beloved, she was taken from me.422
I... I don't think there's anything we can do. Lord Iorwerth will destroy us if we try to stop him.417
You'd trust Lord Iorwerth over me?416
On that note, what news do you have, Ysgawyn?414
I'm sorry to disappoint you.414
I did. But you don't understand, I loved my wife. If there was a chance of freeing her, I had to take it.413
Eventually, we managed to track her captors to some caves south of our ruined kingdom. It was clearly a trap, but I was a fool. I was so blind in my desire to find her, I didn't consider the obvious.410
I sent my soldiers in, the few that I still had. They fought the best they could, but it was hopeless. They were massacred.410
I don't know, probably just some lie he tells himself.409
We searched far and wide, desperate to find her. At times it felt like we were close, but the enemy always managed to elude us.408
I'm not a king any more...405
After that, I knew I couldn't carry on. I was alone and powerless. So I sealed myself away, in the hope that one day she would come back to me.402
You... You're right. I failed you, I failed you all. I wish I could go back and change that, but I can't. All I can do now, is try and make things right.400
Then let us close this meeting. We will reconvene later.399
It was after we were defeated by Lord Iorwerth. With Prifddinas lost to us, we returned to our kingdom in the east. We'd been gone for years by then, and in our absence, the kingdom had fallen to our other foes.397
I think it could be. As for why we don't feel the effects of the curse now, that is because Seren is still with us, every one of us.393
Her last attempt to break the curse, after everything else failed...392
Well... Don't be so sure of that.391
While horrifying, I believe %USERNAME% speaks the truth. They have no reason to lie to us, and what they say does make sense.391
Most of you never met Seren. You only know her through the stories passed down to you. But I did know her, and I know she was filled with pain.388
You wouldn't...375
Oh... I... I'll do my best.374
Now I find myself leading once more, something I swore I would never do again.370
He'd see us all dead just to free this fragment of Seren. He has to be stopped.368
I see... Go ahead.366
I'll give you the orb. Just please, don't hurt anyone else.365
Anyway, I suppose my job now is to make sure we don't lose sight of our goal.364
Once he gets back we'll know more about what to do next. In the meantime, I've managed to decipher the clues left behind by Lord Crwys and Lady Hefin, two more of the clan elders. We should try to find them.362
These are no ordinary walls though. Long ago, they were reinforced by various enchantments to protect Prifddinas during the God Wars.360
Lord Iorwerth, please...359
You killed her?356
I... I can't.354
And the Cadarn clan of course, the warrior clan of which myself and Arianwyn are part of.352
You've never sacrificed, you've never lost anything. You only sacrifice those around you...352
It was the Amlodd clan who created the Prifddinas defences. Their clan should have the knowledge needed to overcome them. And of all the Amlodd clan, none know more than Lord Ieuan Amlodd himself.351
I've managed to decipher the clue left behind by Lord Amlodd. We should be able to use it to find him. I've also started work on the other clues.351
Apart from Lord Amlodd, I've only been able to decipher Lady Trahaearn's clue so far. I'll keep working on the others though.346
I never...342
Nothing... He's lying. He's just trying to justify his mistakes.328
Do you need to hear one of the clues again?179
Head to the cave at the Iorwerth Camp and recover the Orb of Light. Be careful though, it's likely to be well guarded.137
I... Hello. You should probably talk to Lord Amlodd.134
Oh... Hello. Do you need something?117
My Glarial... She mattered more to me than anything else, but she was lost to me. The enemy took her, so I searched far and wide to find her again.111
I thank you friend, but please, don't be. The burden is mine to bear.111
I feel very blessed to have been able to. The love she had for us, it's unlike anything I've ever seen.102
She... She was wonderful. She taught us to better ourselves in every way possible. Everything we know, everything we are, it all came from her.101
You should try and find Lord Crwys and Lady Hefin. They could be of big help to us in the fight against Lord Iorwerth.100
At times I came close, but in the end, I was too weak to carry on. I knew there was a chance she may live though, so I sealed myself away, hoping she would be the one to wake me.99
Arianwyn and the rebels have done well to keep going for this long. They've been fighting this war for centuries, and yet they've never given up. I have much respect for them, they're far stronger than I ever was.97
Not necessarily, but it is something to be cautious of. That which they fight for, it's a mere dream to them. They should remember that dreams seldom come true.95
Oh... Hello. Most of the others have departed for the Underground Pass. I'll be leaving with the rest soon.91
Most of them are still young though. They lack the wisdom of the older elves, the ones who were around when Seren still walked this earth. Many of them never saw Prifddinas before the song of inversion.91
The Amlodd clan is a clan of mystics. Some sort of magic may be key to finding Lord Amlodd. That crystal seed I gave you might also be of use, Lord Amlodd gave it to me before we went our seperate ways.90
Don't take too long. We'll be at the dwarf camp.89
Lord Iorwerth's forces approach. Are you ready?87
Ah yes... I don't have anything you can use I'm afraid. Maybe Arianwyn can help you.84
Well... not quite. Many of the elves alive now were not around when Seren was still with us. They only know her through the stories passed down to them. The stories don't tell everything though.82
Seren was remarkable, but under the surface, she hid a great pain. A sadness unlike any other. She never spoke of it, but when you looked hard enough, you could see the anguish.81
We no longer had the strength in numbers, but we still outmatched the Iorwerth troops in skill and experience. We fought back while we retreated. Both sides suffered huge losses.80
The first time I properly met him was after I heard about his takeover of the city. I led my forces through the Underground Pass and confronted him at the city gates.79
Lord Iorwerth became the least of my problems. I suspect he didn't consider me much of a threat at that point anyway.78
To be honest, even today I know little of him. When I left Prifddinas to expand our kingdom into the east, he was but a child, with the Iorwerth clan ruled by his mother.76
While we were gone, an uprising had occurred in the eastern kingdom. We took our best fighters to Prifddinas, those that remained were unable to hold back the enemy.76
I guess we all have our demons, even the gods. Seren was a beacon of light in this grim world, but the brightest light casts the darkest shadow, and none shone brighter than her.75
The Iorwerth forces had the strength and safety of the city walls though. They slowly whittled us down until we were too weak to carry on. We had no choice but to retreat.74
My wife was taken and most of my people were slaughtered. I turned my attention to finding my wife and getting the rest of my people to safety.72
We fell back into the Underground Pass, intending to return to our kingdom in the east. Lord Iorwerth sent his forces in after us, hoping to wipe us out.71
Oh... Hello there. You'd probably best talk to Arianwyn.69
I tried to reason with him, but he had already decided that I was his enemy. We had the numbers and our forces were better skilled, so we tried to besiege the city.69
Eventually we managed to make it through to the other side. By then, there were few of us left. Lord Iorwerth had failed to wipe us out, but he knew we were beaten.69
Then let us begin.68
I've given Elena the information she needs to make that potion. You should speak to her by the pond.57
Speak with Elena. She said she had an idea that might help our defence.56
Oh... Hello there. Thank you for finding Lord Amlodd and Lady Trahaearn.51
Have you checked in with Elena recently? That seed has probably grown by now.42
You should try and find Lady Hefin. She could be of big help to us in the fight against Lord Iorwerth.36
The Meilyr clan is a clan of scientists and explorers. You'll probably need to do some exploring yourself to find Lady Meilyr. Hopefully that scroll I gave you will be of use.34
Ysgawyn has been acting suspiciously. See if you can find him and work out what he's up to. Elena said she saw him leaving the village. She might know where he went.22
I... Hello.17
Don't take too long. I'll be here when you're ready.17
Oh... You should give it to Arianwyn then.17
It wasn't all good though. Seren was remarkable, but under the surface, she hid a great pain. For a long time, I wondered what it was. Thanks to you, we now finally know.17
It makes sense I suppose. We all have our demons, even the gods. Seren was a beacon of light in this grim world, but the brightest light casts the darkest shadow, and none shone brighter than her.14
I see... You should tell Arianwyn.13
Before we begin, one of the scouts has some of your items. You'll find them on the platforms above.6
I... I think I failed them. I had the chance to stop this, to stop everything that has happened. But I cared more about my Glarial than I did for them, and they all bled because of it.6
We can end this war, but we can never right the wrongs of the past. This world will bear the scars of my actions forever.6
I was a fool. Deep down I think I knew I would never see her again. But I couldn't accept that, and my people suffered because I couldn't let go.4
To be honest, until recently I knew little of him. When I left Prifddinas to expand our kingdom into the east, he was but a child, with the Iorwerth clan ruled by his mother.4
You should try and find Lord Crwys. He could be of big help to us in the fight against Lord Iorwerth.3
Don't take too long.2