'Bye then.8
Nope, sorry.5
Hey, how you doing?4
Ah yes, those were the days!4
Oh, like you wouldn't believe... The food... The wine... The women... The songs...4
It was everything any honest pirate could ever hope for!4
Hmmm... I think so...4
Except the Captain obviously.4
Can't say as I did.4
That's a strange question. It's not too bad I suppose. Sure, the pay is good, but the hours are long and we don't get many holidays.3
Sorry, don't have time to chat! Something's up with the ship, I'm trying to find out what!3
Well, we weren't all there. The Captain was at the high table, and the Bosun didn't trust their food and stayed on ship.2
It would indeed, because I saw him there with my own eyes!2
Really? Well, I guess he could have, I wasn't watching him all night...2
None at all I'm afraid.2
A pirates union? No, they would stab us in the back at the first opportunity.2
Sorry, can't stop, the Captain will have my guts for garters if he catches me slacking off talking to the stowaway.1
Yeah, whatever guy, it doesn't really matter who you are I'll get in trouble!1
What do you mean 'how's things'? Here we are going in circles waiting for you to sort out this jinx, and you ask 'how's things'?1
Don't bother.1
Why... That's odd, he was here a minute ago!1
What kind of question is that? How's life as a... I dunno. Whatever it is that you do for a living.1
What does that entail then?1
So how's that life?1
Well, there you go.1
You assume I have a family?1
I do. 16 kids, 12 nephews and 18 nieces.1
I wouldn't, she never cooks my dinner when I get home.1