Do you know anything about grapevine diseases?1,181
You see those grapevines over there?1,172
They've come down with some strange disease that I've never encountered before. I've tried everything with them, but nothing seems to work. If it carries on like this I will lose all this year's crops.1,154
Anything, you just need to ask!1,142
I'm afraid I can't do that.1,133
Hmm, you may be right. If I lose these crops what use are more seeds to me, when I have gone out of business? Very well then, this is the deal - cure my vines and I will give you some Burthorpe Vine seeds.997
My vines are cured! You have worked a wonder here, %USERNAME%! Here, you can have those seeds like I promised.989
Plant cure not doing the trick, eh?977
That grapevine disease must be much stronger than the usual. You'll need something a bit more potent to cut out that infection.975
No, I don't - but I know of a man who might. Not far from here there's a druid gardener who goes by the name of Alain. He's an expert on things like this, so they tell me.971
These vines are very precious indeed. I could not hazard the risk that someone would steal my grapes while I was away - they may be diseased, but they still contain Burthorpe Vine seeds.967
Oh thank you! Please speak to me again when you have cured the vines for me, and hence saved my livelihood.963
Yes, here you go - I hope they grow for you.861
Have you spoken to Alain yet?263
Let's hope that it does the job, then.219
I'm afraid that is the one thing I cannot give you. Burthorpe Vine has been bred over many years and many past generations of my family. I could never give away something so special.123
Marvellously, thanks to your help, %USERNAME%!40
I thought you were the one with the horticultural knowledge here. How would you normally cure plant diseases?37
I wouldn't call my livelihood 'nothing' if I were you. Very well, I shall find someone else to assist me.18
Oh that's a shame. I hope I find someone soon, otherwise I could lose all this year's crops.6
I would give you some, but you don't appear to have room to carry them.1