Welcome to the woodcutting guild, adventurer.28,588
Hello there, what business do you have with the Woodcutting guild?803
Ah yes, our sawmill operator was expecting you. Do you have the proposal with you?609
Excellent, hand it over and I'll sign it on behalf of the guild if everything looks in order.604
There you go, we'll ship the redwood planks over to Varrock sawmill immediately.601
Everything has been signed, so you just need to take it back to the sawmill operator at the Varrock sawmill.180
Greetings, adventurer. I'm afraid only skilled woodcutters may enter the woodcutting guild.109
Good day, adventurer. If you have any questions, I'm sure Lars will be more than happy to answer them. He's in the building to the south.88
Also don't forget to visit my sister's axe shop. She works in the same building as Lars.84
Well you'll need to let me see the proposal before I can agree to anything.5