Wonderful deary. When you're ready, just stand in the open doorway and focus the light on the empty vial on my desk and I'll pour the serum into it.1,099
Why it makes the person who drinks it unable to hide in the shadow of lies. The light of truth will shine!1,074
Ok, now the last ingredient, something personal from the person you need to tell the truth, else it won't work!1,050
That's excellent deary!1,037
Don't forget to dilute it in something like tea or coffee.1,037
This is true deary, I'll need an empty vial.1,023
That's good, now you'll need to make a rose tinted lens. Pink dye can be made from red berries in this bottle to make redberry juice, then add white berries. Just use that on a bullseye lens.1,021
I heard from Zavistic what a good job you did. If you want some more pink dye, I have made up a batch and you can have some for 20 gold.660
Welcome to the magic emporium.161
Hello deary! Have you managed to make that lens yet?155
Hello deary! How did the serum work?63
Well don't forget to dilute it in a drink or something else bad things might happen.60
Well.... bits might drop off.52
Pink dye can be made from red berries in the bottle I gave you. Add white berries to make the pink dye and then you just need to use that on a bullseye lens. Good luck!41
Well, if you see anyone who is into magic, please send them my way.18
I'm afraid you don't have space in your pack for anything more, come back when you do.16
Hello again deary. Come back and tell me what happened when all the fuss is over.1