I have much tidying to do, so please be brief.13,974
Try the top floor, south-western bay.1,803
Try the middle floor, south-western bay.1,397
Try the middle floor, central area.1,356
Here you go.1,343
Try the middle floor, north-western bay.1,330
Try the top floor, north-western bay.1,279
Try the bottom floor, north-eastern bay.1,277
Try the top floor, north-eastern bay.1,236
Try the bottom floor, north-western bay.1,134
Try the middle floor, north-eastern bay.1,127
Try the bottom floor, south-western bay.1,121
Try the top floor, central area.574
I assist the Chief Librarian, Logosia, in the running of the Library. There is always much tidying to be done.170
Logosia is a truly great scholar, but her temperament may not be entirely suited to the duties of a librarian.133
Hey, I have something for you but you don't have any space for it!17