I've only got one model in stock at the moment. It's a willow black jack which I'd be willing to let go for 600 gold coins.367
Hello. Could I interest you in a Blackjack?264
Yes, yes. I'll start shipping it by carpet as soon as the first batch is ready.103
I don't know.91
What are we talking about here? Nothing dodgy I hope. I don't like anything dodgy, I had enough of that sort of thing when the bandits and those rogue Menaphites were running things here, so I packed up my things89
Have I what? He's my idol, he's the greatest salesman in all of Gielinor. Word has it that he even sold....89
Well I suppose if you could demonstrate to me that they weren't up to the job.89
I'm all ears. Does he want to take me on as an apprentice?87
The urchins of the town do too, they're always trying to steal my products.85
I don't know. I'm quite happy with the product that I'm making at the moment.83
He did?83
and left.73
What was that?71
Hey come back you thief!69
I might as well. Next time I'll get him.69
What is it now?68
That pesky little urchin has done it again! I can't believe it he's managed to rob me again.63
Are you sure? I could possibly kill you?61
I reckon I could.60
You adventurers are crazy.59
Nah, I don't like the sounds of that. It leaves a lot up to chance.59
I'm not too sure, I'm quite happy to stick with what I've got unless, I had a good reason to change.51
You really are truly mad.47
Ah, it's you again %USERNAME%. Tell me how are the blackjack sales going?42
I suppose I'll just have to modify the blackjack so that it has a better attack.34
Either your head is thicker than it looks or else I need to rework my blackjack.32
Oh sorry %USERNAME%. I mistook you for another customer.18
Have you checked with Ali Morrisane whether my blackjacks are selling or not?18
Well I would be very grateful if you could have a talk with him sooner rather than later, I am still a little nervous about the new variation of my blackjack.17
Get out of here!6
Phew! Sighs with relief. At last the voice of reason speaks.4
Now if you don't mind I'll be getting back to work. Thank you.3