Well, see... the Consortium has commisioned me to rebuild the statue exactly the way it was.924
No, that's not what I said, I said we're not very good painters.923
Why, yes, yes, that I am!913
Oh, I don't need an assistant sculptor, really, I can do just fine on my own.911
And I've also got a model here, you see, to base my statue on.909
But come to think of it, I do need some errands run. Yes, quite important errands too.909
Excellent, excellent! Now what I need is the following...907
For now, %USERNAME%, for now! I wish you good luck, and hurry back with the items!906
I don't know! You're supposed to find that out for me!902
Yes, the Consortium can be a little fickle like that, unfortunately.824
Great! In the mean time, I'll build the statue up to the neck!824
Oh no, no no, apparantly the Consortium has decided that crowns are out of fashion. As well as kings. Well, kings have been out of fashion here for hundreds of years.821
I don't think they've quite made a decision on that. You see, I think each of the directors of the Consortium fancies their own face on top of the statue.821
Yes, yes, that will do just fine. There is only one problem now, I still need to make the head.820
I will need a pair of boots, the most exquisite boots you can find. The more they look like the original the better, but I don't think you'll be able to find an exact match.687
But the statue itself has broken into a million pieces... and we dwarves aren't very good painters, you know, so we don't have any paintings of it either.638
We're excellent with, for example, stone. Oh yes, quite good if I say so myself.638
But it's a beautiful city, Keldagrim is, I'm sure you'll see many things while you do these tasks!637
Yes, you will do just fine.625
Also, I need a battleaxe. Now this is particularly important. You are in luck, however, as I believe King Alvis' original axe still survives.622
Will you be able to help me with this, %USERNAME%?612
But can you go and see if they've made a decision yet? I can't very well continue working on this statue without knowing what the face should look like, can I?607
But I digress... simply speaking, I need some help with getting some items that I can base the new statue on.607
For the torso, I need clothes that look like King Alvis' clothes. I'm not sure where you would be able to find that, but I'm sure you'll manage.572
How are you getting along with those items, %USERNAME%?534
Oh yes, Vermundi is a good woman, she's very reliable. Wonderful clothing. Give it to Riki please.347
What else?344
Excellent, excellent! Go and give them to Riki over there so I can start my work on the base of the statue!325
And? The battleaxe?325
Good job! Riki is your man, right over there. Give it to him please!296
Any word from the Consortium yet?116
Then please, try to persuade one of the directors to force the Consortium into a decision. I must finish this statue before I can move onto my other work.98
Look a little harder please!71
What, that old thing? Is that a piece of rubbish you found in the garbage?39
Besides, from what I recall of the original axe, this doesn't even look anything like it.30
You're getting on well so far, but what about the battleaxe?28
The new statue looks beautiful, don't you agree?11
Only the most famous sculptor in all of Keldagrim.10
Well... I'm the best outside of Keldagrim too, I tell you! Especially here in the north.10
What news from the Consortium?10
Then run along to Commander Veldaban and tell him this news!10
My finest piece of work, without a doubt.8
What, out with the trolls?7
If only! But no, they've been there for many thousands of years, actually. Been there before dwarven recorded history.7
It looks so brittle it might well fall apart at any moment. I can't base my statue on that!6
Yes, get the director to arrange a Consortium meeting please. I'd like to get this particular statue finished so I can move onto other statues.6
How rude is that? I don't think the Black Guard will be very pleased with you!4
Ah, the philistines!4
But I'd better not go up there, they don't like dwarves much.4
Of course they were, don't be silly!4
How are you getting along with those items, Bruce Hope?3
How are you getting along with those items, RB8T2n8c2RT2?2
How are you getting along with those items, n00b 3000?1
How are you getting along with those items, Doragon- kin?1
How are you getting along with those items, Metrallet- a?1
Don't be silly now! Is my statue supposed to stand on one leg? Philistine!1
How are you getting along with those items, Yi Song- Gye?1
Then go and fetch them for me, would you?1
Go and pick them up please? That would be ever so helpful.1
How are you getting along with those items, Lourdes- Mati?1
How are you getting along with those items, Blame Brian?1