Thank you so much! Would you like a cup of tea before you go?9,691
There you go, happy doing business with you!7,505
What camel?!2,284
Good luck %USERNAME%.1,660
So Not Bob, why are you here?1,175
Ready when you are %USERNAME%.1,173
Wonderful! Neite and I have been all over Gielinor! We 'borrowed' a magic carpet...1,147
You think?!1,146
For what?1,144
Where do we turn here?1,143
Do you want to drive?!1,140
No, I know where I'm going.1,139
Hey old King! How's things?1,137
I'm the King of Gielinor!1,137
I've got a lot to take in and understand. I'm okay though.1,137
Yes and no. I now have my old memories again but there's so many of them. I can't quite piece them all together yet. I need time to properly work things out.1,135
After the battle, myself, Tristan and Camorra split the key into four pieces. We vowed to ensure that the Dragonkin would never recover them.1,132
Be careful %USERNAME%. The Dragonkin may be gone but the scars of their wars remain to this day. I don't know what that Vault contains, but I doubt it's anything good.1,127
Who are you?1,077
We'll have to worry about that later, for now you'll need to take out these dragons.1,070
%USERNAME%! Thank goodness you're here. We've got ourselves into quite the situation.1,062
Yeh, the old King and I go way back.1,050
Good luck.1,049
Tristan passed his piece on to his descendants. They lived in the city of Saranthium, where Varrock now stands. Perhaps the library has some record of them.1,020
Mate! You need a new line of work!1,009
Hello again %USERNAME%. The Oneiromancer and I were discussing what our perfect Sunday would be.977
The final piece I took to Karamja. I hid it in an ancient temple on the south coast of the island.976
Camorra boarded a ship for lands to the far west, never to be seen again. She took her key piece with her.974
I hid one of my pieces in the most unlikely of places, an abandoned Dragonkin fortress. You'll find the fortress on a snow covered island, north west of Rellekka.950
There, there, could be worse!923
One thing that I do remember clearly is that battle though. I also remember what happened next.919
What a beauty she is! It's the way the shimmer from the hot sand makes her eyes sparkle, the way she flicks her tail as she leaps gracefully across the pyramids, the way she cleans herself after a good rat. As you humans894
Camorra took one piece, Tristan took another and I took the final two.893
I haven't been home because I've wanted to be alone.886
So all we need to do is go through the barrier?865
Defeat the guardian? I'm no good at combat, I'm a cat.858
Okayyy. So who are you then?853
Well this is confusing.842
I am. I can't fight any more, but maybe I can be useful in some other way. Much of this is my fault and it's only right that I help put things right. Now let's get going.841
Get out of my shop! GET OUT!840
It won't, but I have faith in you %USERNAME%. Now you'd better head to the fleet, I'll see you in Rellekka.837
We don't serve the likes of that thing in here.835
Galvek and Zorgoth are linked. When Jardric hurt Galvek, Zorgoth felt pain as well. Galvek is his weakness.831
I do. When we were on Lithkren, Jardric fired a crossbow at Galvek.828
Dragonkin are not easy to kill. In fact, they are immune to most weapons. You can kill as many dragons as you want in this battle but it won't be over until Zorgoth is dead.825
Hello %USERNAME%. We need to talk about Zorgoth.821
Hi there son.809
So you and the Sphinx tell me.802
But I don't have any memories of Robert the Strong. It was only when the Sphinx hypnotised me that we learnt who I really was and I don't even remember that.790
Well I suppose I don't have anything better to do, not unless Unferth has forgotten where he lives again.781
Well that all sounds great to me %USERNAME%. I'll meet you in Sophanem.770
Well it worked last time.756
And don't come back, you filthy goblin!736
Ah. I should've realised Unferth would miss me.726
Hello %USERNAME%. How's things?703
This isn't right, we've made a mistake. We need to leave now!700
I guess that depends what it is.698
would say, she's the cat's whiskers. Oh how I long to be curled up with her in front of a log fire and a big bowl of tuna. Menaphos would be a great place to start a family.694
Sigh. I can't believe it but I've fallen for Neite!678
I know but there is something about her. The way she...well, it's everything! Oh, the hidden pain of love. Love lies not with the eyes but with the mind, and therefore is the winged Cupid painted blind.656
I'd like my clock fixed.646
Nothing! The furthest back I can remember is Gertrude looking after me.645
You don't have anything I can repair.631
Okay, I'll join you there, on Lunar Isle. That's going to be a long walk on these paws.619
She said she has feelings for me but would never get involved with someone like me that has no family or status.610
What are you thinking, %USERNAME%?610
Did you find out who my parents are?594
All I know is that Gertrude found me on her doorstep one day. She looked after me when I was a kitten.580
Hello %USERNAME%. Shall we go back into the dream again?566
Could I have a word with you outside %USERNAME%? There's something we need to discuss.562
It looks like we may have a slight problem on our hands.561
Oh fudge. Give me one moment %USERNAME%.543
That's right. Before we get into that though, about that thing I mentioned.507
Robert the who?455
No... I'm afraid not.443
I suppose I had better talk to you then.439
No. But we should find whoever is responsible and slay them! With an axe!328
I'd like a Mahogany wardrobe built.299
I'd like a Mahogany table built.297
I'd like a Teak table built.293
I'll give you a list of what needs doing.288
I'd like a Mahogany drawer built.285
I'd like a Teak wardrobe built.285
Myself and Neite are going away for a few days. Could you look after Unferth for me whilst I'm away?285
Last night I was in the kitchen and I heard a noise from the cellar. I opened the trapdoor and saw a creature dart into a hole in the wall.283
Hey %USERNAME%, could you do me a favour?283
Thank you, %USERNAME%! If you can convince the Duke I'm telling the truth then we can get to the bottom of this mystery.279
So they tell me.274
I'd like a Teak drawer built.272
What's it to you anyway?271
Hello %USERNAME%.269
The key was split into four different pieces. Camorra took one piece, Tristan took another and I took the final two.260
I am?258
It looked a bit like a goblin, but it had big bulging eyes. It wasn't wearing armour, but it had this odd helmet with a light on it.254
Of course kitten.246
If you absolutely must know, we had a problem with the beehive in the garden, and as all of our servants are so pathetically useless, I decided I would deal with it myself. So I did.237
The tunnel was too dark for me to follow it, so I went to tell the Duke. But when we went down to the cellar the hole had been blocked up, and no one believes me.237
I'd like two Mahogany cabinets built.230
I did?227
I'll need %NUMBER_COMMA% coins to repair that.215
I'd like two Mahogany bookcases built.204
So you buy this Robert the Strong stuff?188
Hi there %USERNAME%, what's going on?186
I am walking towards the tower...186
Oh, hi there Sphinx.186
What..? What happened?184
I was eating a particularly nice piece of tuna.179
My name is Bob.178
I am in front of a dark tower... the cat is called Odysseus.178
I... I don't know.175
I see a big cat...175
My name is Robert.170
Please excuse me, I'm rather busy.169
Sure... whatever.168
Good stuff. Add the potion to the brazier and we can begin.168
Hey! I'm just this cat, you know?163
I'd like two Teak bookcases built.157
Good stuff. Light the brazier then add the potion.153
I'd like two Teak cabinets built.144
Of course I'll repair it, though the materials may cost you. Just hand me the item and I'll have a look.117
I'd like an Oak table built.110
I'm not ready to set out yet. You go on ahead - I'll meet you on Lunar Isle, and we'll ask the Oneiromancer to help us.109
How are things?103
I'd like a Teak cabinet built.100
Let's see if it works then.98
Hello son. How's things?91
Apparently you need to defeat the guardian on the other side of this barrier. Sounds odd to me but what do I know.90
Hmph...Oh Neite...My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep. The more I give to thee, the more I have, for both are infinite.83
What do you need %USERNAME%?80
I'd like an Oak drawer built.72
I'd like an Oak wardrobe built.69
Get yer own!69
No time to talk %USERNAME%. Get out there and kill those dragons.67
I was walking by myself in the garden.60
No. But I was.58
I'd like two Oak bookcases built.57
There, that's all I could do. Come back when you've got more money.57
I'd like two Oak cabinets built.56
Hi, my name is Bob.54
I don't really care as long as no one thinks it's me. Maybe it was that strange poison seller who headed towards the seers village.53
Yes! I buy and sell axes! Take your pick (or axe)!49
Hello %USERNAME%. How's it going?48
It's not the dragons I'm worried about %USERNAME%, it's Zorgoth.46
I hope you're right. You'd better head in and get this meeting done. Come talk to me once it's finished, there's something we need to discuss.45
Sorry friend, but I can't do anything with that.44
I'd like an Oak cabinet built.39
Yes you do. Dive deep, search your feelings.38
You can destroy Zamorak. He has foreseen this. It is your destiny. Join me, and together we can rule this place as father and son.37
If only you knew the power of Bob. Your master never told you who your real father was did he?33
Have you been to the Sphinx yet?30
It's some red thread. I suppose you think that's some kind of clue? It looks like the material my trousers are made of28
Yes. I am your father!28
Not much. Just come to see how things are going. Not visited here in a while you see. Me and Roald used to talk all the time.27
Well, those white knights are far more complicated than you might imagine. Not the 'goodie goodies' they claim to be. Just watch your back.27
Oh, you mean an ACTD.25
An Advanced Combat Training Device, every cat should have one. Here's another one.25
Hello %USERNAME%. I'm on my way to Sophanem to see the Sphinx.24
You're welcome!24
Hello %USERNAME%. You should head to Rellekka. The fleet will be departing soon.24
You should get to work on making that potion.22
Mouse toy?22
That key is made out of Orikalkum. You won't have much luck with a normal furnace, you'll need something hotter.22
There is a forge, built by the dragonkin so that they could work with Orikalkum.22
I'm afraid not, my memories are still unclear. However, I do remember that it was guarded by some dragons made of solid Mithril.22
I'd like a Wooden table built.17
I'd like a Mahogany bookcase built.15
I'd like a Wooden wardrobe built.15
%USERNAME%, why do you keep your cat in a bank?14
Apparently you aren't as stupid as you look.13
I'd like a Wooden drawer built.13
Oh, well... what do you want?13
Butchered!! I think not. Cats are easily as tough as sheep.13
I'd like two Wooden bookcases built.12
Cats were the second thing Guthix brought here, after the sheep of course.11
It's some thread. great clue. No, really.11
I'd like a Wooden cabinet built.8
I'd like two Wooden cabinets built.7
If only you knew the power of Bob. Your master never told you who your real father was did she?7
I'd like a Mahogany cabinet built.6
Erm, hello? Can you understand me?6
Ah so you've met some of the local felines. Wise and confusing, those Sphinges.6
There's a forge guarded by Mithril Dragons. That's the only place you'll be able to reforge the key.5
I'm afraid that amulet cannot be repaired.5
All sorts of stuff! I pick up no end of comments on my travels. Want to hear one?5
Good stuff. Take it to the brazier in the middle of town and we can begin the dream.5
I'd like a Wooden bookcase built.4
I'd like a Teak bookcase built.4
Dogs believe they are human. Cats believe they are Guthix!4
Well, I don't believe much really since I know I am Zar... erm, well, no, I erm, meow?4
Hmm... Wish I had a cat to talk to.4
Sorry, I am far too busy marking my territory.4
Yes I guess so. But I've been asked to get some coal for Dunstan. He ran out you see.3
No thanks, I'm on my way back now.3
Hmmm, yes, that looks pretty badly damaged. Unfortunately, I don't have the tools to fix it, but Brian over in Port Sarim might be able to.3
Cat Rule number 1: Always act afraid when near dogs, especially if you're near a human. They will pick you up and fuss you, then shout at the dog. Most amusing!3
Advice you want eh? Well, I could just enlighten you with a snippet of my vast knowledge.3
Well, I think I will let you decide that.3
Tricks? Dogs are for tricks! Cats are for admiring and fussing over.3
Woof woof. Yip yip!3
Ah, don't mind me. I am learning a second language!3
Sigh... OK. Did you hear about the cat who drank 10 bowls of milk? He set a new lap record.3
Are you trying to be funny?3
Grrrowl. OK, last try. What do you call a cat that lives in an igloo?.... An Eskimew!3
You know, sometimes I wonder why I still bother with this place. It's just not the same since the humans arrived.3
I'd like an Oak bookcase built.2
Sorry, no time for chat. Still got mouse bones stuck in my teeth. How awkward.2
You know, cats are the first species to fully evolve. We're perfect.2
Hello %USERNAME%!2
I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.2
Cats and teleporting just don't mix well. That's why I walk everywhere. Messes my hair up terribly.2
Okay, but be quick.2
It's simple really...2
*cough* *cough*.2
*cough* I'm *cough* just...2
Sorry, I had a hairball.2
Hey, it's normal. I'm off now!2
Good bye.2
There are many intelligent species in the universe. They are all owned by cats.2
Cat Rule number 2: When assisting a human at work, make sure you sit behind its right leg. You stand a much better chance of getting picked up and stroked. Also, it's very amusing2
Do you like dogs?2
Me too. Care to swap recipes? I have a rather unique hotdog sauce.2
No, I just know what I like. Besides, it was a joke.2
What dogs? I have already rid this place of dogs. Have you ever seen one?2
Right!! Fellow cats, prepare for war!!2
This is it, the moment of truth. Shall we go in?1
No, not really. I'm actually signed up with all those HAM fanatics. Kill the whole lot of 'em!!1
Yeah, that's one of my best qualities. Just behind sneaky and vicious. Besides, after a few doses of catnip, they all look like mice to me!1
Anything not nailed down is a cat toy.1
Dogs have owners, cats have staff.1
Yikes!! Where did you pop up from?1
Noooooo. Now that mouse I was chasing has got away. Can you be a bit more sneaky next time? You know, sneaky sneaky stick da chompy as my old friend Rantz often says.1
Cats are smarter than dogs. You can't get eight cats to pull a sled through snow.1
Yeah, I could tell you something really useful, but then I would have to '1-hit you' to death.1
Care to place a wager on that? Sorry, hang on, I've got no pockets. Maybe next time.1
Ah, another person who thinks I want to talk to them just because they can understand me.1
OK, you asked what I'm doing here...1
I'm here to study the druids. They're boring, but they know how to treat animals, and they don't go around bothering you just because they've got a silly gadget that lets them understand what you say!1
Preserve nature. Pickle a dog!1
I think not. They are my minions, and I let him think that he's in charge. I'm the real power behind the throne.1
Yeah, it keeps them happy that way, but don't tell anyone!1
when they try to avoid you and smash themselves in the knee.1
If a player falls down in a forest and nobody is there, do they make any noise?1
If at first you don't succeed, take a short nap.1
Don't get distracted so easily! See, I'm distracting you right now!1
Sorry, I'm far too busy calculating thermal vectors.1
Oh, sorry... I meant, erm, meow?1
I do. When we were on Lithkren, %USERNAME%ric fired a crossbow at Galvek.1
Galvek and Zorgoth are linked. When %USERNAME%ric hurt Galvek, Zorgoth felt pain as well. Galvek is his weakness.1
I told you about the creature I saw. You should go and tell the Duke.1