I am trapped in this form against my will... it has been a long and painful struggle to even regain control over my own mind.1,026
Thank you. Thank you very much for all your help.993
Leave this place, before I am forced to attack!982
Enakhra keeps me trapped in this form with magic.969
You should not be here! This is a dangerous place for beings such as you!967
Thank you. Once you are finished, the wall itself will shield me from most of her magic, and I will be free to move once more.961
I can feel Enakhra's control over me fading. Finally, I can be free from this imprisonment...848
I am impressed, young man. You seem to have more resilience than those I have fought off before.693
Unfortunately, she has strengthened her spells lately, and I can no longer will myself to continue building.658
If you value your life, young man, then flee!651
Certainly, young man. If you help me, I will give you a valuable amulet, and some of my knowledge.649
Her hold over me grew weaker over the years, and I began to build a wall to keep her trapped in her own temple forever.648
I want you to finish building this wall, that we might seal her in this temple forever, where she cannot taint the world with her creations again.630
Perhaps, then, you could help me with my predicament?562
I am impressed, young woman. You seem to have more resilience than those I have fought off before.335
If you value your life, young woman, then flee!322
Certainly, young woman. If you help me, I will give you a valuable amulet, and some of my knowledge.321
Leave this temple at once, or I shall be forced to attack!315
Now, flee before I attack you!265
Is there anything else you wish to know?234
SHE has. She was my rival before we came to this world, and supported that upstart Zamorak in his quest to be a god.175
Her name is Enakhra, and she is the one who made this accursed temple and this boneguard that I am trapped in.169
It angers me to think at how she tricked me into slavery...155
Now, since you show some interest in my situation, will you help me?148
These bones that trap me will block your path!107
You shall not pass me, unless I crumble into dust!104
I was once a proud mage, and now look at me. Trapped inside a bone skeleton and forced to defend my rival's temple.95
I will defend this door until I am released from this prison of bone...93
To think I believed her when she said she wanted to become allies and make amends for our rivalry!84
She is a coward, and a despicable traitor. She even supported Zamorak when he tried to become a god.81
I suppose it is our nature, after all.77
That two-faced, conniving, backstabbing wretch...73
Of course, even though she built a temple for him, he didn't care, and she's been hiding here ever since.65
There is a pile of rubble nearby, made of blocks that have fallen from the walls and the ceiling over time.51
I have been trapped here for several thousand years, after all...41
Since the blocks are heavy, you will need to be quite strong in order to lift them up to the wall.31
Once you have placed the stones up on the wall, you must trim them with a chisel so that they do not fall off when you place the next layer.28
I was not far from finishing, I must say. It will most likely only take you three loads to finish building it.25
As I said, I am trapped like this against my will.19
I am forced to defend the one who enslaved me from any harm, even though it disgusts me to do so!15