Ok, nearly everyone is in their place already. You fish in the spot by the willow tree, and the Sinister Stranger, you fish by the pipes.1,546
Hmm. You'd better go and take the area by the pipes then.1,329
Ok, we've got all the fishermen! It's time to roll!1,156
We have a new winner!1,111
The heroic-looking person who was fishing by the pipes has caught the biggest carp I've seen since Grandpa Jack used to compete!1,000
So how are you doing so far?763
Well, we'll just wait till time is up.677
Okay folks, time's up! Let's see who caught the biggest fish!587
You've already paid, you don't need to pay me again!494
Roll up, roll up!363
Enter the great Hemenster fishing competition!300
Only 5gp entrance fee!256
So you're calling it quits here for now?240
Ok, I'll see you again.191
Hey, you need to pay to enter the competition first! Only 5 gp entrance fee!60
And the winner is... local favourite - Big Dave!40
And the winner is... The stranger in black!28
Hello champ!24
No pay, no play.21
Good luck!12
So any hints on how to fish?11
Why not champ?10
Is that all chump? Don't worry, I have a spare!10
Ok, good luck!6