I'm struggling with this, please help me solve it!3,448
Thanks %USERNAME%!3,430
I'm on an expedition to try and extend the bounds of gnome knowledge. King Narnode has sent out a number of gnome explorers to map the furthest reaches of Gielinor.206
Oh no, I enjoy it - I've always had itchy feet ever since I was a little gnome.191
Oh, I like it - very peaceful. Avoiding those Trolls can be tricky though.184
Sorry but you haven't solved the puzzle yet.161
Brrrr. This will warm me up, I'm bored of snow and Troll food.107
You must have had to travel a long way to get this to me. Here's a little something extra as a tip.94
Now that I have some proper food, I won't need this any more.6
Here, take these Grand Seed pods. Very useful in emergencies!6
I found this odd herb, maybe you can do something with it.2
Gnomish mint cake is a great source of energy for the gnome traveller. It will give you that extra bit of zip when you are running out of steam.1