Son! Is that you?1,017
Please speak to me! Tolna?1,014
What do you mean?1,003
You'll always be my son!1,000
There must be a way.996
Don't give up so easily!992
Sorry but your mother and I...989
...tried so hard to find you!985
Thank you traveller, I'm glad my wife and I never gave up hope. We should return to her and tell her the good news.949
Don't worry, I'm just glad you're back to yourself. Are you OK?711
She misses you dearly!692
Please talk to him, make sure he's OK!23
Please! You must help my son! He's beyond sense.9
I take it you have travelled through the mental dilemmas of my son, as I have.9
Now you must do what I cannot, conquer the physical dilemma!9
Thank you stranger.9