Well the mourners deal with that sort of thing...1,097
I can't possibly speak to you with my head spinning like this... I went a bit heavy on the drink again last night. Curse my herbalist, she made the best hang over cures. Darn inconvenient of her catching the plague.995
My head hurts! I'll speak to you another day...993
Hmmm, well I guess they're not taking the issue of a kidnapping seriously enough. They do go a bit far sometimes.971
Uurgh! My head still hurts too much to think straight. Oh for one of Trudi's hangover cures!966
Ooh that's much better! Thanks, that's the clearest my head has felt in a month. Ah now, what was it you wanted me to do for you?966
Hmmm let me think... Ouch! Thinking isn't clever. Ah here, she did scribble it down for me.955
I've heard of Elena, she has helped us a lot... Okay, I'll give you this warrant to enter the house.693
I suppose they can come in then. If they keep it short.630
Go away, I'm busy! I'm... Umm... In a meeting!257
Thanks again for the hangover cure.173
Ah now what was it you wanted me to do for you?118
Well, they know best about plague issues.53
I'm just having a little drop of whisky, then I'll feel really good.40
Well positions of responsibility are hard, I need something to take my mind off things... Especially with the problems this place has.33
Nope, I don't wish to take a deep interest in plagues. That stuff is too scary for me!31
Bah, people always criticise their leaders but delegating is the only way to lead. I delegate all plague issues to the mourners.14
I don't feel well enough to have a philosophical discussion about it right now. My head hurts.12
Hello there. Can't stop to talk I'm afraid, I've been left with a lot of work to do thanks to those mourners.10
I'm okay now, thanks.1