You know what, normally I do...but...1,087
Well, I wish I could be more happy, but I've just had some bad news.1,082
Well, it seems that my friend was even more desperate than I had originally realised. He's gone to hide away from the authorities in the wilderness...what a lunatic! 1,082
Well, I was wondering if you could do me just one small favour? Please could you go and fetch him back again for me?1,081
Well....yes...I was....actually!1,080
Here you go, here's your axe! And very many thanks for your help and a good laugh! You should have seen your face! Oh what a picture!1,080
Well, I'd like to. I really would, but I wouldn't be able to concentrate while worrying about my friend so much. I tell you what. If you could do me just one small favour, I promise to help you!1,056
Well, yes, if you wouldn't mind? Aggie the witch is a family friend and she's a pillar of the local community. 1,052
Well done.1,050
Oh, please. It would mean such a lot to me! Just ask Aggie if she'll be a character witness for my friend. She only lives in Draynor Village. It'll only take you a few minutes!1,048
Oh, great, that would be really helpful! Here, give me the axe for safe keeping and I'll get it sharpened as soon as she agrees to help.955
I know, you wouldn't think it would you! Could you ask her if she'll act as a character witness for my friend?820
I've heard that he's wandered into the lava maze in the most dangerous part of the wilderness!788
But I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment. I'm worried that my friend is going to spend the rest of the year behind bars!466
Yeah, it is, but it shouldn't be. It was only a harmless pub brawl but he got caught up in it and they just jailed everyone. 464
Except he says he's going to run away to the wilderness if he's found guilty and you know what blood-hungry scum inhabit those realms.413
Hmm, well you could try your luck in Lumbridge at Bob's Axes, though I've no clue if he offers this kind of service. 162
He always seemed very focused on selling axes to blood-hungry killers keen to explore the wilderness.153
Would you like to buy some archery equipment?71
Yep, take a look at these great axes!25
Go talk to Aggie and ask her if she'll be a character witness for my friend before he finds himself in jail with less than savoury people...or worse, he runs off to the wilderness!12
So it seems!11
Ok thanks. My friend passes on his gratitude for asking Aggie to be a character witness.5
You don't have any blunt axes on you!5
Well, come back if you need any help with it, we may be able to work something out.4
Okay. Fare well on your travels.3
Sure, here, you go.2