Hello adventurer, what can I do for you?13,375
Oh, I've been rooting through my drawers and I've found a few more discs that you might find useful.6,136
I wonder how it works? A similar way to the locking mechanism I'd guess.3,693
I'm not sure, but there will be some logic somewhere. Maybe if you look around the workshop you'll find some clues?3,665
Hmmm. Maybe all of these discs all have different values and you have to choose the right one in order for it to work?3,664
Well done!3,223
Well done %USERNAME%! I knew you'd work it out. I'll make a mage out of you yet...1,143
Izzie! No! There's something very wrong going on here...1,134
Well, it seems that Izzie was not so cute after all! How awful! How mysterious!1,130
Izzie just wandered into my cave. He was cute and friendly so I kept him.1,126
I suppose it has. I hadn't thought of it like that, I'm sure I've seen others of these creatures around the place...1,125
I think King Narnode has one, and I think I saw one by the gates. And I'm sure I've seen a few more wandering around.1,122
Oh my goodness. I think I'm beginning to understand where you are going with this.1,120
So that horrible thing was listening to us all along. You'd better tell the King what's going on.1,119
Wait ... What's happening...1,025
Well, have a careful look around at everything in the next cave and come back and tell me what you find.964
Oh Izzie? He's my pet.940
That reminds me, I found those crystal discs I mentioned before.937
So what do you think the number means?936
Well done! You're almost as good at fixing things as a gnome! Who'd have thought?935
I'm not sure. He's very cute though don't you think? It's very restful having a pet, especially when you are stuck in a cave for as long as I am!935
Isn't that obvious? I investigate Thaumaturgy, I research the Arcane, I attempt to explain the inexplicable.932
I wonder if the different sizes and shapes mean anything.931
Are you a budding mage? I can tell you more about my research if you'd like.929
That's the spirit! This is all good training for the mind...920
Excellent, it's so rare I can find someone to discuss my researches, most gnomes seem to find it all very tedious.914
Well that's true. These days, apart from a few combat spells most gnomes seem to be a bit suspicious of mages.909
Well there is a bit of history there, do you want me to tell you about it?903
Well, I'm not really sure. This was all before I was born - and no-one talks about what happened to Glouphrie these days.862
Well, maybe? I'm not so sure. As it happens I've been looking into that part of our History. All I've managed to establish was that he was particularly interested in optics and light magic.859
Well, indeed. I have also found out though he was generally disliked by other gnomes - his moniker was 'Glouphrie the Untrusted'.855
Ah, Oaknock was an engineer and architect. Very famous. There are statues to him around the place - his reputation amongst gnomes is second only to King Healthorg himself. He built most of the Stronghold you852
What's happened to the machine? It's broken!827
Really? Wait - what's that banging noise?800
He seemed very curious, and used to watch me do my researches. I liked the companionship - research is lonely work...791
Oh, crystal discs? I may have a few of those in a drawer somewhere.784
Very wise, a good knowledge of the History of Magic is crucial to understanding the Arcane.771
Don't you know anything? *sigh* A glamour is a type of enchantment or magical effect.769
So the machine emits an anti-illusion glamour?760
So? What did you find?748
Indeed, sadly I know very little about that, it looks elven to me though...744
That's right. It was built by Oaknock.740
That room used to be Oaknock's workshop. I'd also recognise his style anywhere.739
I have no idea. But I do know someone who might.735
Excellent! I like a good story.733
Ah, thank you my young apprentice. What did he tell you?732
Have a guess.728
Well, King Narnode tells me you've already visited him...724
Very good, young apprentice.717
That's right. He was the third advisor to King Healthorg, he found and tended to the Grand Tree.715
Good! Good!688
Well, the most famous Gnomish Mage of all got into a bit of .... trouble.687
Ha! He's an old fashioned kind of gnome and doesn't like visitors much. But I'm sure he'll want to talk about the Old Days.685
That may be true, though he may just be faking it to deter visitors. Either way - he is a wise old gnome. If he really wants to talk to you I'm sure he'll find a way.683
Well ask him if he knows anything about Oaknock's machine. And anything you can find about Glouphrie would be very interesting, wouldn't you agree?682
They are not quite the same as the one Hazelmere gave you, but they look similar in size and weight.665
Ridiculous! He was a gnome like any other - he sounds like a fascinating character.626
Oaknock the Engineer and Glouphrie didn't like each other either...591
Are you really interested in all of this? Do you want to see something interesting?582
He was one of King Healthorg the Great's advisors during the Grand Migration. But he was exiled after the Goblin Wars.567
Most gnomes don't really talk about him. Other than telling stories about him as if he was some sort of boogie-man.552
There is one gnome left alive who knew Oaknock, and King Healthorg and Glouphrie for that matter...535
If you are really interested in all of this, then could you do me a favour and visit Hazelmere for me? I've been meaning to go for a while, but I have responsibilities here - there's always someone who wants525
to use the Rune Essence mines.517
It's always a pleasure to catch up with an another mage! Especially one who has helped me so much!327
This is intolerable! How could this happen?204
Who knows, but he may well have taught the skills to his gnomes.204
But we were just standing here, how could someone get past us?203
Wait a minute, how did the saboteur know about the machine?203
Right. And why would they sabotage an anti-illusion device?203
Of course. Which makes it imperative that we fix this machine and find out what it is!203
Surely this couldn't be the work of Hazelmere... That turncoat!!202
Alright. Someone snuck in here without us noticing. How?201
You should look after your things more carefully you know...200
So this horrible thing is listening to us right now... Aarg. Get rid of it! Don't forget to tell the King what's going on!183
Hey! Leave the bowl alone. Where would all the drips go? All over my books that's where.178
Have a look at the machine and assess the damage. I'll hunt around my boxes and see if I can find anything that might help.172
Oh, by the way, I found this odd thing lying around, does it belong to you?170
Hmmm ... You're the only person I've told about the machine...168
Right, and how does one make oneself invisible my boy?139
Ah, yes indeed. Well I do have a little mystery for you. Has your curiosity been piqued?125
Do you think the 10th squad did this?123
Thanks! I'd appreciate that.105
How are your researches going?104
Gah! Young mages these days. No patience. No perseverance. Magic is not a toy or a shiny weapon you know! You cannot alter reality unless you understand it. And you cannot understand unless you103
Okay. Hold onto your hat!99
Fascinating ... a crystal seed. You should have a look at the crystal bowl in the other room, must be related...96
search for the true causes of things. And history is a record of the causes of things.86
Invisibility is a form of illusion magic. So that makes sense...80
Have you talked to the King yet?80
Right, and how does one make oneself invisible my girl?65
Hello adventurer, Sedridor has told me all about you! What can I do for you?59
You have my gratitude, young delivery person!50
So how are your investigations going?39
Hmm, which runes would you think are sticky.38
Have you found all of those nasty little creatures yet, young lad?36
Open your mind and think laterally. Thinking sideways is an important skill for a mage.35
I concur.33
That's a relief. Well, that's all good work, but I think you'd better inform the King now.32
Have you found all of those nasty little creatures yet, young lass?31
Keep going...31
Patience young apprentice. You are on the right path - just think it through and I'm sure it will become obvious.31
What did Oaknock do?31
So there you go. What more do you need to know?31
That's right, use your noddle, exercise your noggin, employ your cranium. Think, think, think!24
So haven't you managed to have a chat with Hazelmere yet?22
Have you had a look at the damage yet?21
He has a hut in a small island east of Yanille. It has a lovely sea-view, I'm jealous. I love my cave, but it's not very picturesque.20
I've no idea, it must have been Oaknock's, he liked talking to the elves.19
Errm, I'm not sure. Have a chat with Hazelmere, maybe he'll know. He was around when Oaknock was alive and might have seen him use it.18
Oh, that's not my potplant. I think it was Oaknock's.18
I suppose it must be. It shakes every now and again you know... I don't know why.16
Okay. Just remember that a friend of a wizard is a friend of mine!15
You'd better get back and talk to him again then!13
Well, I'd better carry on with my research then..11
Fine, wander blindly on then!10
So, what do you know so far?7
It smelt of pine and was ambery in colour, that sounds like tree sap. From a coniferous tree probably...7
Have you never tried cutting a coniferous tree and watching the sap drip out?7
Well maybe if you had, you'd know something about tree sap!7
Hmmm, use your head! What kind of substance is this tree sap?7
Is it a solid, a liquid or a gas?7
So where do you put liquids?7
Right! I think you know everything you need now...7
Come back when you have some more space in your inventory and I'll give them to you.6
Why not?1
You'd better get training then...1
Your magic, fool! If Magic training is not disciplining your mind, then what is?!1
Very well...1
Fine! Humans really do prefer to live their lives in ignorance...1