Are you messing about with my rosebushes again?1,085
Nice of you to say so, but I sense the use of some unnatural power underneath your fine words. You are concealing something of great evil, an evil that cannot touch someone of my purity.1,007
Nonsense, you reek of this evil power! I suggest that you throw whatever dark talisman it is that you are using down the Edgeville well, and never think of it again! Either that or just simply destroy it!999
Ah, I sense that you speak so without the use of the evil power you carried before. That is good. As you have taken the road back towards the light, you may take any seeds that you wish.996
Yes, it has taken me many long hours in this garden to bring them to this state of near-perfection.939
That is good. Although it could always be regained by someone using an implement long enough to reach the bottom of the well, something with a hook on the end to catch the ring with.829
I hope I haven't put any ideas into your head.731
That is good. Although I sense that an evil talisman like that cannot be truly destroyed - it will probably try to find it's way back to it's master.153
I pray that you don't try and seek it out again.123
No, I think not. These bushes are my pride and joy, and I will not give them away so cheaply.89
Why are you messing about with my rosebushes?52
You still have not gotten rid of the evil thing that you carried! Do as I said to you before, and throw the thing down the Edgeville well, or simply destroy it!!49
No you're not - you're trying to steal some seeds. Well, you can leave them alone. It's taken me many long months of tending to bring them to this fine state of near-perfection.25
No. Now leave me in peace.25
Yes, certainly. I'll help if I can. Which quest would you like help with?4
Why, yes I am. Why do you ask?1
Well I can tell by the look on your face that I'm not the first person you've asked. Why don't you tell me what you've heard from other members of the group so far?1
Did you ever consider that all those theories might be correct?1
I'll let you into a little secret that'll explain it all to you. In a word - fairies!1
I'm serious! 1
Think it through. There are fairies who control everything natural from the weather to the seasons.1
Surely if all of those things have been mentioned as catalysts to our problems it stands to reason that the fairies are actually the cause?1