Hic up! Oh my head! I need a jug of water.1,261
Good stuff, my head's spinning!1,238
Yeesshhh, I'm very, very drunk..hic..up..1,233
Oh dear, oh dear, I knew I had to do something!1,232
Did you manage to get some wood?1,232
Aah! That's better!1,230
Well done! Now I'll fix this cart. You head back to Brother Omad and tell him I'll be there soon.1,230
Excellent, I just need some wood.1,125
Now I just need to fix this cart and we can go party.930
Could you help?906
Pleashhh, find me a jug of water. Once I'm sober I'll 'elp you take the wine back.845
Honey, money, woman and wine!422
Yesshh...hic up...beautiful!407
Hi, I'm almost done here. Could you tell Omad that I'll be back soon?147
Excellent, I just need some wood. Some plain logs, or maybe a basic plank.111
Brother Omad sends you his thanks! He won't be in a fit state to thank you in person.100
Thanks! *hic*23
In that case i'd better drink more wine! It helps me think.13
In that case I'd better drink more wine! It helps me think.1