Peace be with you.699
It is imperative that you find them.696
Because the three pages pertaining to the shrine's history have been stolen.694
Most of the history of the shrine is contained within the holy book of Saradomin. We have yet to read that portion of the text.687
Ahh. Right. No.685
It's nothing, just a little tired at the moment. So much work, so much to do.678
Was there something you wanted?677
Hmm. Oh, yes. We are Maledict.673
. . . . .671
It's my congregation. They seem to be drifting away from me.404
Yes indeed. However, less and less people have been attending my services lately.399
The only thing I can think of, is that the Mayor has asked them to help improve the shrine.399
Well, to be perfectly honest with you, I am a little concerned.330
With all the hardships this small village has endured in the past few years, the people of Witchaven have never needed the solace of Saradomin more.309
I am Brother Maledict, at your service.286
Peace be with you child.265
The joys of family are not to be underestimated child.195
And a good day to you my son.193
And a good day to you my daughter.140
Well yes, it came as something of a pleasant shock. I only hope he will let me visit it soon.139
Over one hundred and fifty years old in fact.134
Ah yes, one the wonders of Witchaven. That particular shrine has existed since before Witchaven was even founded.132
Anything else I can help you with?127
The shrine was abandoned when the village came into being. Since then it has fallen into disrepair and other less savoury elements have moved in.126
He wants me to wait until it's ready to unveil.120
The role I now fulfill was originally given to one of the Temple Guardians, but in time that has been delegated to one of the ordained, such as myself.116
Ah, the people of Witchaven are the salt of the earth. Hardworking and very generous. Well, usually that is.86
Oh, most of them certainly. It's just that something has changed over the past few weeks.85
Well, they used to be very rigorous in attending my services. Now they seem almost apathetic.85
Perhaps. Maybe I'm being a little paranoid. I'll give it some thought.85
I'm not sure but something about him has me worried.74
They wander around the village in a listless state, everyone except the Mayor that is. 73
In the meantime, is there anything else I can help you with?73
Ordinarily, I would welcome his new found drive and energy, especially as it is directed towards renovating the shrine72
Since the opening of the Fishing Platform he was a man beset by worries. The only thing that occupied his mind was how to rescue his village from financial collapse.71
It's nothing I can put my finger on. My flock aren't exactly unfriendly anymore, just different.69
The blessings of Saradomin be with you child.41
And a good day to you again, %USERNAME%. How can I help?40
Ah yes, one of the wonders of Witchaven. That particular shrine has existed since before Witchaven was even founded.3