Ah! Here you go!3,603
I need you to answer this for me.3,593
Please enter the answer to the question.3,576
Spot on!3,488
Much better now I'm sleeping well! Now I can organise the party.1,468
The son of Brother Androe's birthday party. He's going to be one year old!1,467
It's also a great excuse for a drink!1,464
Cedric is a member of the order too. We sent him out three days ago to collect wine. But he didn't return!1,339
*yawn*...oh, hello again...*yawn*1,280
*yawn*...oh, hello...*yawn* I'm sorry! I'm just so tired! I haven't slept in a week!1,276
It's brother Androe's son! With his constant: Waaaaaah! Waaaaaaaaah! Androe said it's natural, but it's so annoying!1,255
He was fine, up until last week! Thieves broke in! They stole his favourite sleeping blanket!1,255
Really, that's excellent, well done! Maybe now I will be able to get some rest.1,238
Oh, he won't be far. Probably out in the forest.1,231
Please do. We won't be able to help you as we are peaceful men but we would be grateful for your help!1,231
Good! Good! Now we can party!1,229
They hide in a secret cave in the forest. It's hidden under a ring of stones. Please, bring back the blanket!1,229
OK, let's party!1,225
Please tell me you have the blanket.1,062
I have little to repay you with but please! Take these Rune Stones.1,037
We just need Brother Cedric to return with the wine.1,029
He most probably got drunk and lost in the forest!1,018
*yawn*..I'm off to bed! Farewell brave traveller!890
Now he won't rest until it's returned... ...and that means neither can I!860
I don't suppose you could look for him?811
Dum dee do la la! *hiccup* That was some party!413
Take care traveller.96
How can that be? Go check again!84
Of course, but we need the wine first.75
Hello adventurer, have you found Brother Cedric?52
Well, keep looking, we need that wine!47
I need some sleep!40
Hello adventurer, where's Brother Cedric?14
Hmmm! Maybe you could help?14
Okay traveller, take care.5
Well, try your best to get him back here!3