Ah! Here you go!3,577
I need you to answer this for me.3,569
Please enter the answer to the question.3,534
Spot on!3,504
Yes, one of the brothers observed him and a few of his sorebones slipping into the water shortly after there was a loud bang from inside the building.1,089
I cannot, but I do recall hearing it before.1,081
Certainly! Saradomin blesses you for your valiant effort!1,075
Hurts...1,072 room...1,072
Hear what?1,052
Oh, that? Sounds a little like locusts.1,050
Excuse me...1,022
Are you all right, my child?971
Hmm, that is odd. Have you considered seeing a doctor?961
Anyway, I'll just use the teleport spell I created. Let's go!959
It is a pity he escaped, but Saradomin's justice will find him in the end.934
I'm looking for a bold and true adventurer to help me with a...a...a little problem?924
Well, all I can say is that I am from a small, cloistered order of monks from a tiny island nearby, and that we have a problem with undead pirates...896
Oh, you'll help? Wonderful!879
Oh, but of course. I understand that this is very confusing.874
Not that we could tell. They seemed to be being given orders by a twisted little zombie called Mi-Gor and his cadre of sorebones.868
It looked like they were going to storm the doors, but then Mi-Gor called them off.863
No, none whatsoever.862
Saradomin be praised!859
Do you have the book?839
D-do you want me to take you back to the island?812
Great! Do you have everything you'll need?791
One of the pirates on the island said it while in the grip of a terrible fever. The others quietened him down and refused to answer any questions about it.789
When you took the book from the shelf, did you say the words?776
The words! The words of power that would prevent...770
Oh all the excitement I completely forgot about them...766
Quickly, the pirates have released the gas! Use the prayer. The other brothers will help make it powerful enough to cover the whole of the granary.762
Oh, don't worry, it'll only be a little swarm.761
Excellent! Back to Harmony!761
W-wait...I have a bad feeling about this...761
Well done! The power of Saradomin will keep the poison from affecting anyone within these walls.759
Well, fun as that would be, I was wondering if you could help us get our brains back into the right bodies.758
So, have you found anything out about the pirates' plans?752
No, what we want you to do is bring Doctor Fenkenstrain to us to do the operation.751
You have my word that he will not be able to continue his depraved experiments here on this island and will instead be moulded into a useful and faithful follower of Saradomin.751
In addition to wanting him to come here and help us, we also would like to let the poor soul atone for his sins and for his attempts to meddle in domains into which man was never meant to pry.750
The pirates m-must have moved something large into the s-secret room to b-block it, and Mi-Gor mentioned he had a bodyguard.748
Have a word with the others. They will bless you before you leave.744
You should be prepared for a f-fierce battle.736
Want me to take you back to Mos Le'Harmless?727
Here is a lamp blessed by Saradomin. If you pray over it, it will grant you wisdom.722
I have no doubt that they know who it is, but I get the feeling that they will not tell you.717
No, no. You see, the gas will work on us faster than a normal poison, and a potion would take too long to diffuse through the stomach. 709
Well, the abbot was slain by a group of raiders. Apparently his faith was little protection against their repeated sword blows.709
Anyway, the book of prayers he wrote was stored in the Edgeville Monastery, so you will need to go there and retrieve it. And quickly!708
Now, I'll just transport us to the island...689
It's true. We need your help...will you at least listen to us?659
That's all part of the problem...and we can't talk here.645
We are a cloistered order of Saradominist monks. We use this island's relative isolation to translate and illuminate books. We even have a treaty with the pirates; they leave us alone and we provide the occasional642
blessing they might need.634
Some of us, like myself, were dragged away.623
I remember a terrible pain, and then woke up in this body with Mi-Gor nearby, gloating about having 'enhanced' a zombie with a non-rotting brain.620
We fought our way to the granary and have barred the doors. We stored our now brainless bodies downstairs in case we can be put back to normal.611
This morning, however, we were awakened by the sound of a ship running aground and, as we readied ourselves to venture out to look for survivors, zombie pirates poured into the monastery.604
Now that you know our plight, will you help us?599
There is a secret tunnel into the monastery under the statue in the garden. If you get inside, you can find out what they are planning and we can counter it.597
I laid low, pretending to still be unconscious and, after a while, made my move, freeing the others that had been 'enhanced'.588
Wait a moment, I forgot to tell you them, didn't I?575
Silly me, all this excitement - and likely that crude brain-operation - made me totally forget. I'm sure that it'll all work out somehow.572
I do hope that we can fix things before the locusts arrive...562
So have you read the book?558
Now, back to business.558
We have to prepare our defence against this threat. I recall something that might well help...519
While I trust your skills in all other areas, I can state without fear of contradiction when I say that you are not a brain surgeon.519
Tell him that he is welcome here in exchange for his help.513
He developed a prayer to Saradomin for deliverance from pestilences, plagues and other assorted ills, as he was going deep into the Wilderness where the fumes and brimstone would have choked him if he was not511
Basically, I think when you tell him we have a werewolf- free place for him here on the island, I'm sure he'll agree to come.511
A lot better, thanks. Can I help you with anything?510
Here, I'll take you straight back to Mos Le'Harmless.506
No, what I'm thinking of is a prayer written centuries ago by one of the abbots at the Edgeville Monastery.505
Are you alright? We dragged you back inside as quickly as we could.398
Would you like me to take you to Harmony?347
So long as you are unharmed, that is the main thing.245
Your concern is most gratifying. Saradomin be with you.243
Well, the doctor is downstairs, waiting for you. I think he said he needed some things before he could begin.173
The doctor was delivered safely, although it seems like a bunch of pirates have stolen your cats.158
This washed up on the beach earlier, I thought you could get it fixed by Smithing Smith in Mos Le'Harmless. It could be valuable.141
Do you want me to take you back to Mos Le'Harmless?125
Shhh! We can't talk about that here. 113
Hello there, all ready to go to the island?107
W...would you like me to t...take you to Harmony?101
Would you like me to transport you to Harmony, where we can talk?97
I'll just transport us there now.88
Sorry to have bothered you; I'm looking for a more experienced adventurer.77
Well, if you aren't going to listen to what I have to say, you can come back when you have learned about patience!71
Would you like me to transport you to Harmony?61
Excuse me...oh, it's you.61
Our island has been overrun by undead pirates.61
What was that?58
Well, as I was saying, our island has come under attack from undead pirates...57
So, have you read the book?57
Oh, well hurry to the Edgeville Monastery and get it. We haven't got a moment to lose!53
Have you thought any more about helping our order?53
Quickly, the pirates have released the gas! Use the prayer, the other brothers will help make it powerful enough to cover the whole of the granary.48
Well here, take this one and try not to be so careless in future!48
So, when will the doctor be ready?44
I still feel more comfortable talking about this in the monastery.42
I have a blessed lamp of Saradomin here for you as a reward, but it seems you cannot carry it right now.41
You LOST the blessed lamp of Saradomin? The one-of- a-kind relic the likes of which has never been seen in this age?39
This washed up on the beach earlier. I thought you could get it fixed by Smithing Smith in Mos Le'Harmless. It could be valuable.36
Well, you should give it a try now, just in case there is anything else you need.30
How can that be? Go check again!28
Oh, okay.28
No point in going all the way to Harmony and then back because you need something else.24
How bad does it look?24
Wait! Do you want me to take you back to the island?24
I take it that that explosion was the doors?23
But...but...aren't you an adventurer?22
*Sigh* Oh well. Saradomin be with you.19
Well hurry! Who knows what depredations are going on back on Harmony!15
What did the doctor say?15
Well, when you do, try your best to persuade him to help.15
I can't talk about it here. Let me take you to Harmony and we'll discuss it.12
You LOST the blessed lamp of Saradomin? The one-of- a-kind relic, the likes of which has never been seen in this age?11
Well, hurry! Who knows what depredations are going on back on Harmony!9
Well, the secret passage into the monastery is located in the gardens.9
We haven't been down there in a while, so you might want to take some gear to rebuild the stairs in case they have collapsed.9
If you pull the statue there out of the way you'll be able to get into the tunnels, and from there into the monastery.8
What use is it there? Go get it and hurry back. We haven't got a moment to lose!4
Well, I have another here for you if you can find some space for it amongst your belongings.2
Oh well, that shouldn't...2
Blow the doors off!?!?2
Oh dear.2
Well, you seem to have found the secret passage correctly, so you seem to be on track. Now you just need some way to get through the flooded section. 2
No point in going all the way there and then back.1
How goes the plan?1
Well, I trust you, but this does sound a little...unusual.1
Shouldn't you be watching the doctor?1
Do you want me to take you back to the island?1
Oh well, I'm sure you'll think of something.1