There's something in that there chest waiting for you. Don't leave it for too long.3,502
What are you doing down here?2,698
This here is the Gauntlet, the finest creation of the Amlodd clan. It was built years ago to help train Prifddinas' finest warriors and survivalists.1,126
That's right. The Gauntlet contains a range of deadly creatures formed from crystal. Defeating them is the key to victory, but it is no easy task.1,102
Resources can be gathered throughout the dungeon. These can be used to create the weapons, armour, food and potions needed to survive.1,080
That's right. Once you feel you're ready, or once we decide that you've spent long enough down there, you'll have to face the fearsome Crystalline Hunllef.1,059
Once you go down there, there are only two ways out... You can make a break for the exit, or if you're bested in combat we'll send someone in for you.1,051
I think that covers it... Everything else, you'll have to work out for yourself while you're in there.1,032
You can always come back and ask me to go over things again.998
You know, if you start getting comfortable down there, things can be a little unstable at times...781
This is because all participants start with nothing at hand beyond a few basic tools.779
Without any armour, those crystalline creatures can be real nasty. Any armour that you make down there will greatly reduce the damage they do to you.759
It might be a little frightening, but it makes for a good challenge!718
Don't think you want to be heading down there without knowing what you're getting into! Come and see me, if you really want to go down there.519
Don't think you can be taking any plus ones down there with you.419
You? Attempting the Gauntlet? If you say so!336
Things can be a little unstable down there at times, too... Everything gets corrupted, and it might be a little frightening, but it makes for a good challenge.46
Alright... Well be careful down here. I've got my eye on you.26