That's right Lumo. Remember the time when they got all confused when changing shifts?335
Indeed. My backside is still a little sore...332
I turned around at the wrong time...321
No, it's alright laddy, we quite like it in here.292
And which god would that be, eh?154
No, it's alright lass, we quite like it in here.147
You know what I mean...135
Fifteen times ... wait: is it fifteen?119
You know - everytime I hear that story it seems less and less convincing...98
Yeah I know the ones you mean...98
If you pick with us a fight...97
No... don't be silly. We're here to be rescued, after all.91
No. I for one happen to like standing bolt upright all of the time.84
Stars? You can look UP??83
What's that?80
And that time in Varrock?76
You may well just might...75
That's just the Way of the World, Lumo.68
I think he knows that Lumo...63
Hey look, he's come round!56
I think she knows that Lumo...33
Er Lumo, it's a she.33
Hey look, she's come round!32
What are you looking at then? Never seen a Gnome in a Monkey jail before?30
Lumo, you're beginning to irritate me. Imagine what it's like for them.20
It's great to be back home, %USERNAME%.5
We'd spent so long out there on Ape Atoll I was starting to doubt I'd ever see the Grand Tree again!5
Wahey - party hats all round!2
I was only kidding...2
I think we should give him a prize.1