Hmm? What human do in troll kitchen? Burntmeat tired of cooking goats. Human look tasty.1,212
Hmm. Burntmeat think you probably right. What human doing here?1,211
Slurp, mmm... Human stew cheer Burntmeat up!1,166
Bwahahaha! Burntmeat not give his greatest cooking secret away so easily.1,140
Did you find tasty human? Burntmeat smell something good.1,140
Bring back a tasty human for Burntmeat's stew. If you find tasty human, Burntmeat will give you good reward.1,138
It first thing I ever try to cook! Very precious to Burntmeat.1,137
Oh, it you again. I bin thinking 'bout you.1,065
So now we can grow goutweed whenever we want it?1,011
T'ank you so much! I dunno what we'd have done if you not come through here to help us.1,011
Oh yup, Burntmeat cooked you SPECIAL reward.1,011
LOTS of burnt meat!1,011
Always humans running through Burntmeat's kitchen these days. It never used to be like dis.1,001
See, Burntmeat promised you a reward! Anyway, it been nice to see you again, %USERNAME%. Enjoy your meal.989
An' dat promise I is keeping! Never another human shall Burntmeat cook. Human taste plenty good raw if you add enough goutweed.980
Yah. But Burntmeat is hearing where goutweed is growing again.948
Well, I was cooking dis adventurer...946
Well, Burntmeat need big important job doing, and you bin helpful before. You fetch Burntmeat tasty human for stew that time.927
Hah! Trolls pick it all until none left, many years ago. Only remaining stock in storeroom.913
Huh? What dis? You got goutweed here!905
You remember you come in here asking me questions about goutweed, yah?901
Humans grow goutweed? You lying to Burntmeat!892
Ah, dat look like nice tasty human.887
Well, he give me mighty sore tummy later. I think I forget to wash his feet.877
Ah! Der man I cooked, he say humans growing goutweed again. Now, if humans growing goutweed, maybe trolls can grow goutweed too, yah?876
It a perfectly good troll name.873
See, %USERNAME%, if My Arm learns to grow goutweed, I get as much goutweed as I ever want. If dat happens, I promise you I never cook another human in my life.873
Anyway, Burntmeat been hoping to see you again. Got important visitor here, an' we need your help.872
You gonna help My Arm grow goutweed.872
Never. Burntmeat promises. Goat taste just as good as human if you add enough goutweed. Now you go talk to My Arm; he tell you what to do.872
No, not me. Burntmeat stick to what he best at doing. But I got me an assistant wanting to learn farming. He called My Arm.871
He called My Arm.871
My Arm.870
Yep, sound like human too. Burntmeat put it in stew. Good work, human. Burntmeat give precious reward.853
Nah, silly red metal just hurt troll teeth.834
But Burntmeat also has quest for human!818
It well guarded, and Burntmeat hide key in fake bottom of kitchen drawer. Nobody find it there.788
Good human! You not regret dis, Burntmeat is sure.772
That correct! An' Burntmeat decided to send My Arm. He best troll to go to Weiss and teach stuff there. He already training assistant to take over goutweed farming.770
Wolfbone come from Weiss over icy mountains, but you not go that route. It too hard for Stronghold trolls. We not practiced climbing icy mountains.761
Okieday, now you go fetch My Arm an' tell him where he got to go.757
Only place find goutweed is my storeroom. You bin stealing?726
What say? Goutweed not grow now. Trolls pick it all.711
Mmmm. Burntmeat think that sound good. But Burntmeat cook you first.711
So, you ready for another quest, %USERNAME%? You get good reward if you help us.650
How you an' My Arm getting on with da goutweed?380
What dragon stuff you talking 'bout?302
Sorry, %USERNAME% - Burntmeat chucked dat stuff away. It no good to eat. Red metal clothes hurt troll teeth, and big whip thing get stuck in throat.300
You go help My Arm now.299
Death Plateau, huh? Dat's quite a long way. Do you know how to get dere?235
My Arm is good choice! He been to distant lands, met strange people, come back with new learnings for Stronghold. He obviously best troll for dis job.230
Burntmeat hope you like your reward. It very special recipe Burntmeat learned when much younger troll.213
Ohhh, Burntmeat not finished thinking yet. Maybe next time you come here I tell you.128
Ah, you polite human. Off you go now and see what My Arm want.127
Okieday. Just you mind out for dem troll cooks on Death Plateau - dey not as friendly as Burntmeat.124
Okieday, listen up an' Burntmeat tell you da best way to Death Plateau...103
You go out da north door of my kitchen an' walk all da way down da corridor.103
Turn right at da end, and go down da stairs to da prison where we keep meat fresh.103
Yup. Can't keep people in crates like goutweed, dey go all dead an' smelly. Burntmeat tried it.102
Walk straight through da prison. Da back door of da Stronghold is at da south end.101
When you outside, you turn left an' go long way south-east along path.101
You get on with helping My Arm, yah?101
Dat is correct. Now you gettin' outside...100
Aww! You hurry up an' get My Arm what he wanting.95
At the end, you gotta turn left for Death Plateau. You got da special boots, so you gonna be okay on da rocks there.93
Silly human pretends he not liking lovely burnt meat! But okay, Burntmeat promises not to give you more burnt meat.92
Ah, you come back again.80
Da cooks on da plateau not as good as Burntmeat.76
Did you find tasty human?65
If you not paying attention, Burntmeat not going to talk to you!52
Yep, I remember. See, when you come here asking me 'bout goutweed dat other time, I tell you how we trolls had picked it all, and it not grow no more.50
Bye, bye.47
Silly human pretends she not liking lovely burnt meat! But okay, Burntmeat promises not to give you more burnt meat.42
Human so funny, pretending he don't like lovely burnt meat! Off you go now and see what My Arm wants.34
Yeah, lotsa learnings here. Very clever stuff. We oughta reward you.32
No more burnt meat from Burntmeat, ever. Wolfbone here has made reward for you instead.32
Let Burntmeat see...30
How is My Arm? Has he gone to Weiss yet?25
Oh. You go tell him, mmkay?24
Stronghold trolls not all that interested in firemaking, after all, but t'anks for bringing book anyway. It taste lovely.21
Burntmeat got feeling you no like Burntmeat's burnt meat. Burntmeat made some for you before, an' you not seem grateful. So Burntmeat will not make any more for you. Ever.19
Human so funny, pretending she don't like lovely burnt meat! Off you go now and see what My Arm wants.19
Aww, now you done hurt Burntmeat's feelings.15
Sorry, %USERNAME%. Maybe another time14
Silly human pretends he don't like Burntmeat's lovely burnt meat! But okay, Burntmeat will not make any more for you. Ever.10
At the end, you gotta turn left for Death Plateau. But watch out for da tricky rocks - maybe you gonna have trouble climbing dem.9
Burntmeat heard where da humans going on Death Plateau wear funny boots to help climb rocks. Dey get da boots from little sherpa man wot lives near da plateau. Turn right to go to his house.9
It sound like it coming on good. You doin' well. Burntmeat give you nice reward when you finished.7
Burntmeat can hardly wait. I got special reward for you nearly finished cooking.5
Dat soundin' like fun.4
Burntmeat would have liked to see da marriage, but it not a journey Burntmeat really comfortable trying.4
Hey, you come back when you finished doing errands for My Arm an' Snowflake. We give you proper reward.4
Burntmeat glad to hear it. I gotta finish cooking your reward quick. Dis gotta be good 'cos you help us so much.3
Silly human pretends she don't like Burntmeat's lovely burnt meat! But okay, Burntmeat will not make any more for you. Ever.3
Urrrgh. You know how to read?3
Phew. Burntmeat got worried there for a moment.3
No t'anks, %USERNAME%. One was plenty. Trolls not all that interested in firemaking anyway, but book was very tasty.1