Yes? You need some help with your quest?647
W-what? N-no I'm not, don't be silly!644
You think you're so smart don't you? You might think you know what's going on but you have no idea.641
Oh, you think so do you? You think that silly old fool Ceril will take YOUR word over MINE? He trusts me completely!639
This is your last warning adventurer: keep your nose out of our business.635
You senile old fool... It was all too easy! I should have killed you and your pathetic family weeks ago!465
Yes, that's right. Killing rats. I am but a loyal butler sir.462
You called m'lud?462
It wasn't me m'lud. I am, as you know, a loyal servant.461
You don't have to pretend with me, friend! Our cause is one and the same; the sooner Lord Hazeel is avenged the better for this city... and for us!453
No idea I'm afraid. I KNOW it's somewhere in this house, but for the life of me I can't find it anywhere. I've searched high and low for it!448
Don't think this is the last you have heard of me Ceril. You and your family will pay dearly for this. GLORY TO HAZEEL! ALL PRAISE ZAMORAK!447
Ha! That silly old fool? He can't see the forest for the trees.444
P-p-poison??? yeah... uh... well, hmm... Oh, it's for Killing rats.443
Don't worry m'lud, this fool won't be bothering us any more.442
Hello again friend. I see you decided to keep the mark of Hazeel discreetly about you.267
Hello again friend. I see you have the mark now; You should keep it covered up.196
Have you recovered the scroll?82
Quick, get it back to our hideout! These are glorious times indeed adventurer, when the mighty Hazeel returns things are REALLY going to change around here!62
Hello, how are you today?45
Cretin. Did you think you could 'save the day' just by accusing me? We've been planning this for YEARS. your meddling has been nothing more than a minor inconvenience.40
Fine and dandy.40
That's basically my point. You cannot help it. Now begone!37
When Lord Hazeel returns, the likes of you and the arrogant Carnilleans will be first to suffer his vengeance.34
Why hello there.26
That's right. I hear that they had some problems with the last one.25
Hello friend. I heard about your handiwork. Quite amusing really. I'm sure Hazeel will be pleased anyway; Keep up the good work!24
This is the home of Sir Ceril Carnillean of the noble Carnillean family. You're welcome to look around, but I'm afraid I'll have to keep an eye on you.15
Yes, well, these things are bound to happen when you're as wealthy as the Carnilleans.14
Long enough to know the Carnilleans are not as innocent or noble as they seem.14
Recently we've been having a real problem with thieves and strange cultists coming out of the forest for some reason.13
There's a lot I could tell you about the Carnillean family history. However, I'm afraid if I did speak about such matters I would be at risk of losing my job.8
It's an honour to be in your presence again adventurer. I hope things are well5
I'm good, thanks.5
You too.1